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Baba ghanoush Bacon and jalapeno stuffed mushrooms Bacon Manchego dates Baked egg cups Baked eggrolls Baked kale chips Baked mozzarella sticks Baked potato soup Baked spinach artichoke yogurt dip Baked vegetable samosa Baked zucchini bites Balsamic vinaigrette Banana berry jumble Banana chocolate chip muffins Banana muffins Banana spinach smoothie Barbecue macaroni salad Barbecue sauce Barley and tomato risotto Basil asparagus soup Bavarian meatball stew Bavarian style red cabbage Bean and kale ragu Bean salad Bean, corn, and tomato salad Beef beer and barley stew Beet and jicama salad Beet gorgonzola pear salad Beet salad with herring Bell pepper skins Berry banana peanut butter smoothie Berry banana tofu smoothie Black bean and papaya salsa Black bean and pumpkin dip Black bean and salmon tostadas Black bean cakes Black bean gazpacho Black bean soup Black eyed pea dip Black lentil burger Blackberry smoothie Blue cheese and walnut green beans Blue cheese garlic baguette Blue cheese salad dressing Blueberry bean muffins Blueberry orange smoothie Blueberry tofu smoothie Boston baked beans Braised greens and cannellini bean panini Braised kale with bacon and cider Broccoli and cheddar cheese soup Broccoli cauliflower quiche Broccoli raisin salad Broccoli walnut salad Broiled grapefruit Broiled scallops with sweet lime sauce Brown rice asparagus quiche Bruschetta Bruschetta stuffed mushrooms Brussels sprouts Buffalo chicken dip Bulgur and lentil salad Burrito soup Butternut squash soup
Cabbage noodle salad Cabbage soup Cacik Caesar salad Cajun crab croquettes Cannellini and couscous stuffed tomatoes Cannellini bean balls Cantaloupe salsa Cantaloupe soup Caponata Caprese salad Caramelized pumpkin seeds Carrot ginger soup Carrot raisin salad Carrot soup Carrot walnut salad with honey-lemon dressing Carrot, mushroom, and beef stew Cauliflower pizza crust Celery and potato soup Ceviche Chard with shallots pancetta and walnuts Chayote salad Cheese and vegetable soup Cheese sticks Cheeseball Cheesy baked zucchini Cheesy bread twist Cheesy edamame crostini Cheesy grilled banana pepper Cherry vanilla smoothie Chevre stuffed tomatoes Chicken adobo soup with bok choy Chicken coconut soup Chicken croquets Chicken satay Chicken strawberry salad Chicken taco soup Chicken tomatillo soup Chickpea and feta salad Chickpea hummus Chickpea polenta Chili bean snack mix Chili-lime peanuts Chilled cucumber soup Chilled Maine shrimp Vietnamese-style Chilled peach and nectarine soup Chinese chicken and noodle salad Chinese fried rice Chipotle chicken tortilla soup Chipotle spiced shrimp Cilantro Caesar salad Cilantro hummus Clam chowder Coconut and sweet potato soup Coconut lime tofu soup Coconut shrimp with mango sauce Coctel de camarones Corn chip crusted salmon cakes Corn chowder Corn stuffed sweet peppers Corn, pepper, and tomato chowder Cornmeal crusted chicken Cottage cheese pineapple parfait Couscous paella soup for two Couscous tuna salad Crab dip Cranberry feta wrap Cranberry fruit dip Cranberry pistachio biscotti Creamed asparagus soup Creamless potato broccoli soup Crispy potato skins Crostini Crunchy chicken nuggets Crunchy granola wedges Crunchy tomatoes Cuban baked bananas Cucumber and carrot salad Cucumber blueberry salad Cucumber cups Cucumber guacamole Cucumber honeydew smoothie Cucumber salsa Cucumber sandwich Cucumber-buttermilk vichyssoise Cumin quick bread Curried carrot soup Curried sweet potato soup Curry egg garden salad Curry rice salad
Salade Nicoise Salmon patties Salmon salad Salsa turkey sliders Sauerkraut balls Sauerkraut with red wine and onions Sausage rolls Sausage stuffed jalapenos Sauteed garlic and greens Savannah style crab soup Savory plantain soup Scallop pesto pasta Seafood stew Seaweed salad Shrimp and mango ceviche Shrimp and tofu soup Shrimp marinated in lime juice and Dijon mustard Simple quinoa and vegetables Sloppy joe tortillas Slow cooker Italian beef Smoked paprika vinaigrette Smoked salmon spread Southwest pasta salad Southwestern potato skins Southwestern quinoa salad Soy and roasted garlic dressing Spaghetti squash and chicken meatballs Spanakopita Spanish potato salad Spiced Spanish almonds Spiced sweet potato chips Spicy boneless wings Spicy chipotle salsa Spicy eggplant dip Spicy fruit salsa Spicy grilled shrimp Spicy maple nuts Spicy Mediterranean vinaigrette Spicy peanut sauce Spicy potato soup with cheese Spicy sweet potato bisque Spicy sweet potato fries Spicy sweet potato soup Spicy tofu marinade Spicy tomato soup Spinach and fruit smoothie Spinach and tomato pasta salad Spinach apricot salad Spinach berry salad Spinach brownies Spinach mushroom dip Spinach noodle soup Spinach stuffed mushrooms Spinach zucchini soup Spinach-feta dip Split pea and barley soup Split pea soup Squash bisque with ginger Squash pan-fry Steamed mussels in tomato broth Strawberry avocado dip Strawberry balsamic dressing Strawberry kiwi spinach salad Strawberry salad Strawberry soup Strawberry spinach cheese salad Stuffed cabbage rolls Stuffed green bell pepper soup Stuffed kale rolls Summer grilled chicken salad Sunday fruit salad Sunflower seed flax bread Swedish meatballs Sweet potato custard Sweet potato mushroom quinoa Sweet potato-peanut bisque