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by Randy Stocker Wouldn’t it be nice if we could read the mind of someone who is grieving? We know that they are hurting from their loss, but they won’t accept our help or listen to our advice? They are asking themselves, “Why did this happen? Why can’t I cry? Why did God do this to me?” We really want to help, but just don’t know how. I lost my mother, Jean, and my two daughters, Jenelle-age 19, and Amy-age 9 to a... 1/30/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Avery Neal, PhD Our soul is our very essence, it’s the part of ourselves that makes us who we are. It is separate from our body, which is simply our outer form, our shell, the home in which our soul resides. As we go through life, most of us become consumed with external factors, stressors, other people and even our physical form. As a result, we become less aware of our internal self, our soul, and what it truly... 1/29/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Erez Ascher In traveling throughout the world, one thing I’ve noticed is that most people in industrialized countries are often in a state of mild to severe distress. Anxiety and insecurity are rampant. Yet, notable exceptions do exist, such as in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Their cultures of mutual support discourage distress and encourage eustress, meaning healthy tension. As it turns out, stress itself is... 1/28/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Spiwe Jefferson If you think cheerful people have no problems and are annoyingly happy, consider joining them. Many of us know at least one person who seems to show up for life each day in perpetual good cheer. We may consider them lucky and even resent them. But did you know that anyone can cultivate a spirit of cheerfulness? Not only that but being cheerful can provide tangible benefits that may surprise you. What... 1/27/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Lisa Steele When you scan the grocery store shelves trying to figure out which brand of eggs to buy, all the egg carton labels can begin to blur into one - "farm fresh", "cage free", "pasture raised", "organic", "omega-3 fortified", etc. It can be difficult to decide which carton to buy to be sure you’re getting the best eggs. With egg prices rising, especially if you are buying organic eggs or eggs with added... 1/26/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Judith Finlayson Whether you are male or female, young or old, it’s wise to keep tabs on the health of your bones. About half of all adults age 50 or older suffer from osteoporosis (weak bones) or its precursor, osteopenia (low bone density). These days another worrisome trend is emerging: More and more young people are developing osteoporosis. Unhealthy Lifestyle Foreshadows OsteoporosisYoung adults develop osteoporosis... 1/25/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Tom Marino Congratulations! You have survived yet another holiday season of those awkward or difficult family interactions and a plethora of conversations. Having difficult conversations is a challenge for many people. Whether it is a tense conversation with your spouse or partner, a parent, a sibling, a friend, or even an employee, when it comes time to have a difficult conversation, we often avoid it when we... 1/24/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Wellness Editor According to the World Health Organization, we should be eating "a minimum of 400g of fruit and vegetables per day." Although this, unfortunately, excludes starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes, it is still a great health goal. Since most of us do not weigh our food for every meal, this recommendation can be hard to follow. All Those Fruits and Veggies Seem Hard to SwallowAs a result,... 1/23/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Rob Greenstein There’s nothing more sneaky than a food product that’s marketed as “healthy” but is actually far from nutritious. Every year, the food industry launches over 250,000 new products for our grocery shelves. While 85-95% of those products fail, there’s something fishy about all these new products, especially those marketed as “good for you.”Unfortunately, a majority of the packaged products you see advertising... 1/22/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Wellness Editor Most people are unaware that a normal body’s bone density peaks at the age of 30, then the body starts to reabsorb calcium away from its bones. Aging, menopause, and a poor diet can exacerbate bone loss. You may be aware of some ways to keep your bones healthy; you might even be taking your calcium and vitamin D. But are you doing other things that actually hurt without knowing it? Here are 5 ways... 1/21/2023 5:00:00 AM
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