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by Wellness Editor Do you know someone who loves the night? Maybe the sweet silence of 3 a.m. is appealing to them. Perhaps they work nights or study late. A Korean study found a causal relationship between being a night owl and metabolic disorders. In addition, a recent study conducted by the UK Biobank sought to determine whether there could be a connection between sleeping schedules and mortality rates, and the results... 10/12/2023 4:00:00 AM
by Cherie Calbom Sugar consumption has risen to an all time high. The average American eats somewhere around 20 teaspoons of sugar every day (estimates vary, depending on which study is consulted); this translates to about 66 pounds of added sugar per year. However, some people are consuming much more than that, maybe even twice as much.Some Starbucks' drinks may have as much as 25 teaspoons of sugar in one drink,... 4/8/2022 5:00:00 AM
by Wellness Editor “Are you still watching?” This is the slightly shame-inducing message Netflix sends a watcher’s way after they’ve consumed too much programming in a single session. It's an automatic message prompted by three shows consumed without interruption.The intention of this message may have nothing to do with discouraging binge-watching, but it certainly is a good reminder that it may be time to switch the... 10/2/2023 4:00:00 AM
by Randy Stocker What I learned after the deaths of my mother, Jean, and my two daughters, Jenelle-age 19, and Amy-age 9 to a distracted semi-truck driver is that things people say and do to help grievers can be perceived as both hurtful and insensitive by the people that are receiving the help. Below are five myths that need to be better understood.1. There is a “right way” to grieve. This statement is so wrong. Everybody... 6/5/2023 4:00:00 AM
by Wellness Editor Most people make a beeline to their coffee maker after waking. However, what if it was possible to significantly improve your health with a one-minute morning ritual that could be performed while your coffee is brewing? The only caveat is that this ritual may cause you to make some funny, puckered-up faces. Still interested? The Morning Tonic You've Long Desired:We’re talking about apple cider vinegar.... 4/27/2022 4:00:00 AM
by Doug Noll He’s a hunk, fun, nice, and treats you like a queen. As long as things between you are light and easy-going, life is good. When you need intimacy, he finds other places to be and things to do. Sound familiar?The problem is classic: a man can be emotionally unavailable when needed the most. Fortunately, we know the cause of the problem and how to fix it. Many men are emotionally unavailable to women... 10/14/2023 4:00:00 AM
by Wellness Editor Chronic sleep deprivation may seem like a normal part of adult life, but it may have a greater impact on our health than we realize. Researchers are finding that sleep deprivation can do far more than affect our concentration and work performance. Over the long-term, not getting enough sleep can lead to a number of health conditions, and it might even shorten our lives.Insomniac NationBetween 50 and... 12/5/2023 5:00:00 AM
by Fred Fletcher Although we generally associate vitamin deficiency with third world countries, the reality is that this is a more common problem in developed nations than most people realize. We may not experience this problem with the same frequency or severity as, say, poor parts of India, South America and Africa, but the problem is often found in the US, especially among the poor, the homeless, the elderly, and... 6/23/2023 4:00:00 AM
by Judith Finlayson In the not-so-distant past the term “gut health” equated with digestion. Today it references the trillions of microbes residing in your gastrointestinal tract. Collectively these microbial settlers are known as your gut microbiome and their effect is systemic. Basically, an ailing microbiome houses too many pathogenic bacteria. Current research links this state (dysbiosis) with a wide range of diseases,... 6/6/2023 4:00:00 AM
by Donna Bond, M.A. Bringing reverent balance to all your parts, requires mom’s to respect their shadow aspects and to love them into the light. Mom’s have a tendency to sacrifice, to hide, to abandon their own needs and dreams, as they are busy caring for everyone else. Over time, shadow aspects of our personality can rear their heads in all kinds of different ways. These buzz killers can show up as self-doubt, criticism,... 6/4/2023 4:00:00 AM
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