Wellness.com Publishing Rules

Be Yourself.
Bloggers must complete their Wellness.com member profile using their real name, biographical information and disclosure of any commercial interests. Feel free to be self-promotional in your member profile, but not in the blog content as any outright promotion will be rejected.

Be Unique, Original and Useful.
Only unique, original and useful content written specifically for Wellness.com will be accepted. Copies of previously published content, reposts from any other website including reposts from your own website will not be accepted. If you wish to write for Wellness.com and publish the blog in another location as well, please include a link to the blog on Wellness.com.

Formatting and Quality.
Bloggers should take great care to edit their content for accuracy, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Bloggers should ONLY paste plain text, add one line break between paragraphs and carefully re-check their content formatting after pasting content from another program (like MS Word or any other).

Images and Links.
Members ("Authors") may share a relevant link or image, however, most links and images are hidden from public display unless the Blog is especially good and unique and is selected to be Featured by a Wellness Editor. Copied content from other sites, even sites you own, does not qualify as unique content. Bottom line... if you want your images or links to be published, submit really good, useful, unique content written just for Wellness.com. We will read every submission.

No "selling" here.
Members ("Authors") may share thoughts, stories, and valuable information on Wellness.com to help themselves or other people - Members may not use Wellness.com blogs, comments and forum postings to promote a product, a company or another website for anyone's personal financial benefit. If any blog or post is designed to redirect readers to another website or appear to have a commercial agenda that is greater than the information value of the posting itself, we'll remove the postings. Blog Authors also may not post text or image advertisements in submissions. Any ads will be deleted immediately and the entire post and membership may be deleted.

Community Participation.
Authors should be prepared to answer an occasional comment or question posted by the community on their blog. Authors who do not intend to answer occasional questions and comments from the community should not post on Wellness.com.

Health and Medical Recommendations
Members who publish health or medical information on this site must specify their professional credentials and qualifications (if any) in their member profile. Authors must clearly indicate their unqualified opinions from professional or expert recommendations. Authors must back up claims relating to any suggested health benefits and performance. Authors must cite reference source(s) and date of published information where possible.

Copyrighted Information
Do not copy and/or paste or post material from any other individual, entity, website, or source unless it is your own original work. Brief quotes may be included as long as the author's full name, title and the source of the quote are provided. Wellness.com shall not be responsible for posted information that may violate a copyright law. If we are notified or learn of a violation, such content will be removed and the individual who posted the copyrighted information will be held solely responsible.

Terms of Use
By using this Website, you agree to the Terms of Use. We reserve the right to update this at any time.

Wellness.com reserves the right to remove and delete any content we deem inappropriate for any reason in our sole discretion.

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