Take These 4 Steps to Minimize Diabetes Risks

For anyone diagnosed as prediabetic, reducing the risk of developing diabetes is incredibly important. But if you've ever been there then you may have experienced the way that some doctors hand out the diagnosis and offer very little guidance. Fortunately, there are a number of steps we might take to reduce our risk of becoming diabetic. Here are four important ones.

1. A Modest Weight Drop Makes a Big Difference

It’s nearly a certainty that doctors have already informed those who are overweight or obese they would benefit from losing weight. But what many patients may not know is that just a 5 to 7 percent drop in their overall weight may strongly reduce the chances of developing Type II diabetes. That’s because weight and this health condition are closely associated.

Losing more weight may further decrease the risk, but tackling major weight loss may feel overwhelming. That overwhelm may then lead to avoiding the issue entirely. Instead of allowing that to happen, a focus on lowering weight by just a few pounds may be the place to start.

2. Getting Regular Exercise Is Important

While exercise may or may not reduce a person’s weight, depending on their circumstances, it definitely  has health benefits that go beyond the numbers on the scale. By moving more and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, people may regulate their blood sugar levels better. 

3. Choosing Healthier Foods May Lower Risk

While the amount of food we eat matters when reducing weight to lower diabetes risk, the quality of the food may be even more important. A diet heavier in fruits and vegetables may be a great choice as several studies bear out that a low-fat plant-based diet can help reduce diabetes risk.

4. Simple Carbs May Need to Be Moderated

One of the ways to have a healthier diet and reduce diabetes risk at the same time is to reduce the number of simple carbs in the diet. There are carbs in vegetables and fruit, of course, but the processed carbs that come in breads, pastas, and baked goods are often the culprit for many people who have concerns about diabetes or struggles with their weight. Reducing these types of carbs may make weight loss easier and help control blood sugar levels simultaneously.

It's hard t know what to do when handed a diagnosis like prediabetes. But by choosing to take a few steps proactively we can greatly reduce the chances of developing type II diabetes. While these are not a guarantee of avoiding the illness, they could be game-changers for people at risk. If you're struggling with prediabetes or any other health condition, please consult a physician before making any major changes. Anyone who needs help making these changes or who has a family history of diabetes may also want to reach out to a healthcare provider for advice and support on the journey. 

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7/14/2021 4:48:34 PM
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