Three Simple Rules to Lose Weight and Reverse Disease

Losing weight and getting healthy doesn’t have to be complex. Purge your pantry of processed food, don’t use oils and stay away from sugary snacks and drinks. My rules to better health are uncomplicated and easy to follow. No need to measure food or count calories or points. Many people who follow my advice are pleasantly surprised at how uncomplicated my ‘diet’ can be. Here are my simple rules to better health.

Rule #1: Get Protein Mostly From Plants, Not Animals. Many people believe that you can only get protein through meat or fish. But plant-based foods are also very high in protein. For example, two cups of broccoli provides 10 grams of protein, making it a high-protein food. One cup of spinach has 7 grams of protein. A cup of chickpeas supplies 15 grams of protein. When you are eating natural plant foods, whether it is greens, seeds, grains, nuts, beans or vegetables you are getting lots of protein. But the advantage of plant protein over animal protein is that protein from plants lowers cholesterol and contains loads of anti-cancer nutrients, while animal protein raises cholesterol. Making the switch to a mostly plant-based diet offers many health benefits including a dramatic reduction in breast and prostate cancer.

Rule #2: Eat Meat, Fish, Eggs or Fowl Only Every Other Day or Less. Many people insist that the flavor of meat is too hard to give up. There is a lot wrong with a meat-based diet. In addition adding more saturated fat to our diets, eating meat also raises our blood pressure and increases cancer-promoting hormones. If you must eat meat, eat it sparingly. Eat only two to three ounces every other day. Put an ounce of meat in a bean or mushroom burger and it will taste like a meat burger only better. Or add a couple of ounces of fowl, meat or fish to a large salad, soup or stew. But then, make the next day a completely vegetarian day.

Rule #3: Eat Slowly Digestible Starches. Peas, beans, lentils, barley, and quinoa are all foods whose carbohydrates are slowly released into your blood stream over the course of two to four hours. Therefore they don’t spike your blood sugar and there isn’t a spike of insulin in response. Slowly digestible starches lower glucose and help to keep you thin. Stay away from the white foods: white rice, white flour, white sugar and limit white potatoes. They all shoot your blood sugar up right away, releasing excessive amounts of insulin which is growth-promoting, fat-storing and makes you gain weight. As I always say, “The whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead.”

Read more on beans – the ideal carbohydrate here.


9/20/2023 4:00:00 AM
Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a family physician, New York Times best-selling author and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Dr. Fuhrman is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio a...
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This sounds great but the taste of all of this stuff. I agree the mental part of changing is the hardest part
Posted by John
I'm confused about the protein. If plants such as broccoli are incomplete proteins then how can they really offer anything in that department. Wouldn't you have to find the right combo of incompletes to make it beneficial... Such as the rice and beans combo? I know soy and hemp are complete but soy is so sketchy and hemp is hard to come by. Any clarification would help here :)
Posted by KT
I wish I knew this before. I am trying to follow it now.
Posted by maria Bueno-Delgado
This is great advice but, for some people, they need to address emotional issues in order to control their eating habits. Flavor is not good for some people. They have to figure out why they are destroying their bodies with food. AND, although every body needs protein, some bodies require more or less than others. You have to know thyself and know what keeps your body feeling right. My generation, I'm 54, was not taught about proper nutrition and the standard American diet along with the fast food boom and, often times, we teach what we learn even if it's wrong. The food manufacturers love this kind of ignorance. It fills their wallets and destroys our bodies. Some oils are good for the body; olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, butter from healthy, grass-fed grass-finished cows, etc. The problem is that when fat-free items started happening and the fat was removed so went the flavor so to replace the flavor sugar was added. Lives are being sacrificed for money but it is a choice to educate yourself against the dangers of refined, processed "foods". Happy Eating.
Great article, very informative and true ..I am a 52yo female and eat healthy for the last 30 years , possibly longer , i eat all the legumes ,beans , grains , garlic, spinach and mushrooms. ...I am 5`4 and weigh 108lbs with great muscle tone head to toe ... I have done something right lol ...Thanks for the great articles; )
Posted by Jak
Awesome ! Thank you !
Posted by John Ondrasek

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