Work Beliefs that Hinder Our Wellbeing

Stress can wreak havoc on our wellbeing and peace of mind. It can even make us physically sick. Unfortunately, Americans are super stressed out. But why? According to Thrive Global, around 25% of people say that work is their biggest stressor. But what if most people bring this stress upon themselves by holding unrealistic beliefs about work? For example, many people think they’ve failed if they take a job outside their degree field. Others stay in a miserable job because they don’t want to look like a “job hopper.” These and other beliefs can hinder our wellbeing. Let's break some of them down.

"I Should Have It All Figured Out"

Don’t know what you want to do in life? Feeling stuck in a career, but don’t know how to change it? Beating yourself up because you can’t figure it all out? Stop! The truth is, we don’t have to have it all figured out by any certain milestone. In fact, there are pretty good reasons why it’s best to let go of the stress and self-judgment and let life flow until a decision feels imminent … in due time.

People who can admit they don’t have it figured out and aren’t bothered by that fact tend to be happier, says Bustle. And they may feel free to explore and pursue options and opportunities until they do figure things out. What’s more, following a timetable or dream because you “should” can make you lose touch with yourself and those things that are important to you, according to Forbes.

"That Dream Job Won’t Feel Like Work"

Work is work. And while a dream job may not feel like a slow slog through the muck, there will still be days when it feels like work. There will be days that just don’t feel good and days when it feels like the top of the world. That’s just the nature of life and work.

Subscribing to the notion that a dream job should never feel like work is not only unrealistic, it can be harmful and put undue pressure on something that is otherwise really enjoyable. For example, someone may choose to walk away from that dream job during a stressful period and grow to regret that decision later.

"We Should Work in Our Degree Field"

Yes, we spent a lot of time and money getting a degree, but that doesn’t mean we’re locked into that field. The truth is, most people don’t work in a job related to their major. Why? Many have difficulty launching their careers in their desired field. Additionally, many others find it difficult to move up in their field or find that they don’t enjoy it as much as they thought they would.

The belief that we have to stay in the field of our major can cause us to miss out on numerous opportunities. And many of those missed opportunities could be very lucrative and advantageous — and enjoyable.

"Changing Jobs Looks Irresponsible"

We should never stay in a dead-end job or a job we hate because we think it will look bad on a resume. Staying at a job that doesn’t offer room for growth hurts no one but us. In fact, successful people tend to change jobs more often.

Company loyalty is a thing of the past, and most employers understand that. Furthermore, today’s job market often requires employees to change jobs in order to advance their careers and/or get a raise. According to The Balance, people change jobs an average of 12 times over the course of a life.

Unhealthy work beliefs can stress us out and steal our happiness. Don’t let them. By changing the way we view work, we can have a more healthy relationship with it. If work is stressful all the time, do not delay. Figure out what’s at the root of the stress and take steps to change either the situation or the mindset that's causing the stress. But don't just suffer while doing nothing. That's a recipe for disaster.

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O,you are so right. how we feel about our job and about our other responsibilities definitely affects our mental and physical health.Those who are obligated to become a caretaker for a loved one should seek adult day care or some other kind of respite. Those who do have really unsuitable jobs should seek better employment. It is not stress itself that is harmful. it is simmering anger and or resentment because of feeling trapped.
Posted by bobbie Sena

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