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Posted by firegirl818
Yes I need one more to make it even! I have three, I need the fourth to balance out my body! You might ask, "But what kind of tat do you want?" And I would tell you "I have NO idea!" See my problem? I can never make decisions on my own, I'm such a follower....I hate it.
Posted by GrayWolf
I have two already. I need a cover-up for my first one, so that will be my next tattoo; as soon as I come up with a design.
Posted by LizzyThin4444
I would like several but cannot afford them! I draw pictures that belong on arms and backs.
Posted by Ruben Alvarez
A Ying Yang surrounded by my sons names with some tribal marks.
Posted by LSimon
To get a tattoo is to go out and DO IT! My husband is a tattoo artist, so if anyone needs info on good tattooists around the world, I have lots of friends who are great from everywhere!
Posted by John Valenty
CET... that's exactly what I'm thinking. Design, plan, wait and see if I really love the design a year or more later. I'm 35 now, so maybe when I'm 40.
Posted by CET
I have 2 tattoos. Each of them were designed, planned, and meditated on for several years. My next one has been in the planning for over a year now. If it still sounds like a good idea in another year or so, I'll probably go for it.
Posted by Roxanne
I think I'll wait until I'm 45... that's when I'll get a tatoo on my back.