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Posted by Bito Orga
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Posted by Lori Halterman
I want to start back working out and not just say it.
Posted by Robert Kienitz
Qigong (chee gong), is a combined form of breath regulation, postural discipline and mental concentration that is used to enhance the equilibrium of your mind and body. In this DVD, Dr. Robert teaches Qigong from a four thousand year old tradition that he personally has practiced for over forty years. Qi is a Chinese term that means energy or life force and Gong means skill or quality of work. Thus one translation of Qigong is energy skills.
Posted by Keesha
I need to add strength training into my exercise routine
Posted by Shellyann
\n \nToday, with all the demands of school,work, family and community activities, taking time to MOVE {just being physically fit} falls to the bottom of everyone 's lists. As a family regardless of age, you can enjoy the benefits of moving without strenuous, grueling exercises. Anything that that gets your body moving counts as physical exercise: walking, gardening, dancing,or even playing in the park with your kids.\nWhat happens when your body becomes more active? The first thing you will notice is that you have more energy. You will probably sleep better too. Your stress level would definitely drop because your body will release those "feel good " endorphins hormones release during <url removed> will also strengthen your heart and bones, and help cut the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and certain cancers.\nAnyone can start moving. The best exercise is the one you enjoy doing the most because that is the one you will likely to stick with long term. You benefit most because it gives you pleasure.\nYour family are going to be affected by any change that affects you,so enjoy the support of your loves ones and get moving because they can give you the lift and inspiration to keep you MOVING.
Posted by Lucretia Landrum
Walking my dog "Snuggles" for a least 20 mins. a day is one of easiest ways for me to get exercise. I had a doctor tell me a long time ago that if I'd just walk 20 mins a day, and eat correctly,I would lose weight. I've lost weight then gained it back over the years so many times,I've lost count. So, now at 70 yrs. young, I have discovered, finally, what I was doing wrong. Exercise is an essential part of getting back to perfect weight, but what & how I eat is the other 1/2 of the equation. I was fortunate to find a good book on eating my way to good health and perfect weight, and in past 6 mos have lost over 46 lbs with light exercise & eating healthy.\n I found out that all those many "New Years resolutions" about joining a health club and exercing there did work for me. I wasted alot of money on memberships in those clubs, as I just couldn't keep up the rigorious exercises and wasn't disciplined enough to get up and go to the gym regularly, and eventually stopped altogether.\n We should pick an exercise that is something that we really enjoy doing. Then, if we eat healthy, getting ALL junk food out of our life, we can watch the pounds drop off. Swimming, for instance, is one of my favorite exercises. I've recently had 2 minor surgeries(ruptured ear drum & a partial cornea transplant) Both of the surgeons have restricted me from swimming.( both were 100% sucessful, by the way) I've finally been told I can begin to swim again in January. I can hardly wait.......that is the way we all should feel and can if we pick an exercise we love or enjoy doing. Having a dog as a pet is a sure fire way to get your 20 mins. of exercise in daily. I wish the best for you !
Posted by ornurse27
I do love the feeling after I exercise I have more energy, clearer thoughts and I feel good about myself. There are two problems one working 3-11 shift throws off eveything cause exercise actually makkes me feel sleepy and two I am recovering from an ankle ligament reconstruction. I can walk, bike ride and swim. But I just don't know how much to push. I have fibromyalgia so I always have pain so I am always afraid I will push too much not realizing it. My job requires me to be on my feet the whole shift with spurts of sitting. Any suggestions anyone.
Posted by LinJoyce
Through the writing of an ethical will also known as a Legacy Letter, I want to help people to value experiences that have been part of their life.\nI want to help people to make a written record of these life experiences and life lessons that can then be passed on to future generations for their knowledge and benefit.\nA good quote: "How can we know where we are going unless we know where we have come from?"
Posted by Leslie Saxton, LMT, CIMI
Wow! I am just looking to gradually add this back into my life. It would be good if I increase the minutes of exercise each day. I know I would be pleased with that!
Posted by Candace Bussiere
After i had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 i was such an exerciser, but now my only exercise is my dogs, the steps and cleaning this big house. I have all the equipment to exercise and and i do love Richard Simmons Exercise dvd's! They are fun!
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