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Posted by Shubham Yadav
Posted by gLou Stevens
Most people know that they should drink a sufficient amount of water every day to stay hydrated but what most people have never be told or are unaware of this simple fact: "drinking water doesn't mean that you're hydrated". As a retired RN I learned the importance of proper hydration however, it was not until I began studying the principles of water and how our body's become hydrated. Healthy hydration only occurs when our cells are able to absorb a high concentration of minerals from water that is also highly alkaline. If anyone is interested in learning how to transform your water into healthy, mineral rich, alkaline water send me an email: pemfhelpsme@gmail.com.
Posted by Robert Kienitz
Many of my patients claim to despise dringking water, they feel they need something more flavorful to keep them hydrated. The beneficial properties of green tea are due to antioxidant polyphenols. Researchers believe that drinking 4-5 cups of green tea a day may help reduce cholesterol and lower high blood pressure. In addition studies have shown that cardiovascular disease, blood sugar disorders and the body’s resistance to infection can all be helped by daily ingestion of green tea. But please, try to drink more water too !
Posted by Stacie Jones
I carry water with me 24-7! It helps!
Posted by Lucretia Landrum
I have found that drinking 8 glasses of water daily(filtered) has helped me loose weight. Adding to this, eating fresh fruits & veggies, lots of salads & making a list of foods to avoid, I have lost 46 pounds. Dr. Jordan Rubin's book,"Perfecr Weight America" is where I got all the facts on eating healthy to get to my perfect weight. I feel better since I have followed his plan, which of course includes 8 glasses of filtered water a day. Gone from 1X size in clothes to 14 :)\n According to his book, I have quit taking in sugar, no soda pops,no white flour products, no sweets or desserts, of course. He firmly emphasizes the importance of drinking the water as a crucial part of getting to your perfect weight. I am a believer now in healthy eating. People who ask me what diet I used to loose so much weight, I tell them I'm not on a diet, I have just started eating healthy !! I have no desire to ever stop this new life style. Water water water.....every day, just 64 oxs, that does it !
Posted by amympolk
Water is God's ultimate cleanser! Drink at least 8 / 8 oz. glasses (only a cup) of water a day; and they say for every additional 25 pounds you want to lose, drink an extra 8 oz (only a cup) of water a day. So, if you want to lose 50 pounds, your water formula would be 2 extra cups of water throughout the day - 10 / 8oz glasses (or 80 oz a day…drink throughout the day). \n\nI hated water when I started, and even thought it would make me bloated and more water retentive, BUT IT’S REALLY THE OTHER WAY AROUND. The water is ‘rocket fuel’ to metabolism, weight loss, constipation and is VERY IMPORTANT when you are cleansing. I just always keep a big bottle of water with/near me (reminds me to drink it)
Posted by Peter Andersen, DC
Your brain is dependant on water. If you are dehydrated 1%, your body starts to produce ore histamine which not only contributes to sinus problems and inflammation and pain but in water regulation. The more dehydrated you are the more histamine that will be produced. \nEight glasses a day is a good rule but it's not how much that is important but how much your body uses. If you chug your water you will urinate it away in 20 minutes. Instead, sip swich the water areound with your spit before you swallow it. This makes the DNA from your saliva mix with the water so the body will actually use it.\nYou should also add a pinch of Celtic sea salt with the water as to add 68 important minerals to also help your body use the water.
Posted by DrMaat
There is enough information available on the benefits of alkaline (ionized) water that no one should be even thinking f drinking acidic water. Acidic water is meant to be used outside the body, not internally.\n\nDon't forget to use glass or porcelain or non-toxic ceramic to store your alkaline water, but only enough that you and/or family can drink in 18-24 hours, so it does not lose its oxidation reduction properties (and retain its oxygenation).\n\nAnother catch--it is too expensive for the masses. The machine is cost-prohibitive to most people, but especially those who live at, below or near poverty level.\n\nDon't they deserve the same benefits?
Posted by tymsun
I bath in water-soak in water-use water in my practice but I never drink water....I know I should but I am addicted to diet coke plus..from morning until night thats my only beverage and I wonder why my health is declining? I guess i should just pretend the diet drinks don't exist and then it may be possible to turn to the water. I once drank only water for a period of over a year--backslider that I am. I find myself struggling-any ideas
Posted by avadorasalon
never i recomend it on my skin guest i see the damage from not drinking water.\n essencial to drink your body uses it for fuel ,boost your energy and you wont age has fast.... turst me im a former model it works for me
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