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Posted by Max Starks
Look good, feel good, live life good!
Posted by Jsette M Jones
be happy. Laughter is good for the soul.
Key factor stay stress free.
Posted by Deepika Rajapaksa
the life is a some promise fulfil it !
Posted by Melody Lyn
What kind of habits describe you? Habits are something that you do over and over again, so much so, that you don't even think about it before you do it. It is a part of your being. You could almost say it is a way of life. What are you doing habitually that is good for you? What about a bad habit? Can you give it up, change your ways, quit the destructive behavior? Is it healthy? Think before you do it. What is that habit doing for you in the long run?
Posted by Shellyann
I am in the process of pursuing my Personal Trainer Certification which will help keep me accountable and continue on my journey to optimum health.
Posted by Sandra Magee RDHAP
Have a 90 day challenge party!\<url removed>
Posted by coffeejunkie
This is not an easy pursuit. I want this for me. I know I am going to have to develop my will power and self discipline to achieve this. This is one of my goals -- to get in to the greatest shape of my life...also saving big in 2011. The first step I made towards this goal was simply to make that decision. I thought about it, accepting that it would not be easy and decided to take the first few steps. I guess the first step was acceptance. Accepting the fact that I needed to do something to improve myself... the rest...Baby steps I made:\n1. Exercised consistently at least 3 to times a week. Made healthier choices when it came to what I ate. Made myself socially accountable. Joined websites, communities, blogged about it, told my friends and family -- sought support. \n\nI hope to gain more friends and learn more from others like me, who are pursuing this goal.
Posted by BeautyTechUSA
As I am getting older I realize being the best shape possible is a goal I want to follow through with. I see many devastating health conditions which could seriously affect the things we take for granted. I want to walk, run, jump, hop, etc. I do not want a health condition preventing that. I also have learned to tell myself how much I love myself. It took time but now I recite it approximately 15-20 times a day and that alone has reduced my weight. I feel better about myself and it really boils down to loving yourself above all things. Respect yourself. Love yourself and the rest will eventually fall into place. It may not always be what we want but with self-respect we can adjust better.
Posted by Dr. Jon Wise
My goal is to continue to drop more fat. So Far I have lost about 65 lbs and I want to loose another 20 to reach my inital goals!!!
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