More Americans Dieting Than Ever… So Why Aren’t They Losing Weight?

Diets and weight loss programs seem to hit us in the face every time we turn around. From social media and even in an email, to the latest fads our friends are trying (or selling). Yet this knowledge of the ubiquitous diet is juxtaposed against the fact that while more Americans are pursuing ways to slim down than ever, they are often not achieving, or maintaining, their goals.

The Importance of Long-Term Changes

To see lasting weight loss results, most people need to follow a healthy lifestyle. This strategy promotes long-term control and keeps the weight from creeping back on but it also includes far more strategies than just what we eat. Here’s a good starting point for a lifestyle that can help move many toward their goals:

Don't throw your body into starvation mode or exercise overdrive. Implement small, sustainable lifestyle changes slowly and maintain them over time. Consistency is key. These incremental changes will often lead to long-lasting weight loss or meeting standing maintenance goals. But the key here is that it's a whole-person approach that sees to the many aspects of our lives that impact our weight rather than just pursuing a number.

Avoid Diet Trends

While many Americans are dieting in 2021, they seemed to have slowed down a bit, according to a recent study. Thankfully, they are ditching fad diet trends and leaning toward cleaner eating and dietary supplements to stay healthy. 

Trends come and go. For those still stuck on diets that restrict and limit intake, there is a high chance they are setting themselves up to fail. By making consistently healthy choices (choices that make us feel good) we are more likely to avoid the yo-yo dieting trap that can leave us even heavier than when we started.

Avoid Eating Too Much Fast Food

Everyone knows most fast-food restaurants do not offer up incredibly healthy choices. But many chains are now offering healthier options. Some dieters choose to grab a salad or chicken wrap as a healthy choice on-the-go. The problem is, many items are loaded with hidden additives, sodium, and carbs. These hidden additions can stall weight loss. Also, there's something to the notion that we can derail ourselves just when we're doing really well. Remember that consistency is the key so even one off-meal may not be the best way to meet goals.

Look Out for Hidden Sugar Traps

It’s hard to hide from sugar. Even on a low-carb diet, many food combos can trigger fat storage. For many people, sugar can kick off cravings and end any intention of staying a good course. To prevent sugar from sabotaging our diets, we should look closely at food labels and avoid the hidden sources. The easiest way to do so is to avoid foods that contain any type of syrup or end in the letters “ose.” 

While Americans will always be fascinated by a new diet or “get skinny quick” program, we should remember to listen to our bodies and work toward a long-term lifestyle that sets us up for success well into our sunset years. But most use the word "lifestyle" to refer to a specific diet and that's not even close to what it really means. Don’t change things up too radically but look to create changes in many areas, not just the diet. Your body and future elderly self will thank you.

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