5 Asthma Management Tips

Air hunger, the inability to breathe, is a frightening sensation experienced by a disconcerting number of people. Asthma can affect the ability to breathe by restricting airways. And it’s incredibly important to manage it properly. From using a peak flow meter to following an action plan, there are several ways to help keep asthma under control. Here are five asthma management tips.

1. Use a Peak Flow Meter at Home

A peak flow meter is a device used to measure how well you can breathe. It is often used in asthma care management and for other conditions. When used properly and regularly, a peak flow meter can help patients detect when they might need more support for their asthma.

2. Using Asthma Medications Properly

Using medications properly may have a profound impact on how well you are able to manage your asthma. Monitor to be sure you have a new prescription available when your medications are low. If you have a rescue medication, keep it near you at all times and know how to use it. Your doctor will educate you on how and when to use any medications. Follow the guidelines exactly for the best results. 3. Learn And Avoid Asthma Triggers

For most people, there are certain triggers that spark asthma symptoms and they can vary for each person. Learning yours might help you better manage your asthma. By avoiding these or taking precautions against them, you may have fewer asthma attacks. Some triggers might include exercise, smoke and common allergens.

4. Keep Up With Appointments

Communicating regularly and effectively with your asthma provider can go a long way in managing your health. Fill out all questionnaires properly and talk to your doctor about all of your symptoms, whether new or old. Your doctor needs to know if things worsen or improve in order to make the best recommendations.

5. Follow Your Asthma Action Plan

Your healthcare provider will help you develop an asthma action plan. This plan may help you manage your asthma by identifying what actions you need to take and when. Usually, green, yellow and red are used in the same way as traffic lights to signal whether you are doing well, need a little extra management or are having an emergency.

To stay on track with your asthma care, it's important to practice careful management. Follow an action plan, keep medications handy, keep in touch with a medical provider, know the common triggers, and use a peak flow meter to build strength and monitor progress. By managing your own health, you might lessen the frequency of attacks and prevent a worst-case scenario.

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