5 Ways the Bedroom Impacts Intimacy

The bedroom is more than merely a place to sleep. It’s an extension of who we are, and what we do with it can have effects that go well beyond how often we get a solid 8 hours. It may even impact the most intimate areas of our lives. Here are five ways that can happen and ways to set it right.

An Uncomfortable Bed

Whether the mattress is worn and creaky, the sheets are scratchy or it’s time to replace the pillows, an uncomfortable bed can be an unsexy distraction. According to Dreams Sleep Matters Club, the typical person spends about 33 years of life in bed. So this piece of furniture may be the most important in any home. Make sure it's serving its purpose well by making it as comfortable for both partners as possible.

Consider replacing the pillows if they're a few years old, and make sure the sheets are clean, fresh, and soft. Keeping the bed made also makes the transition from life to bedroom feel more inviting.

Bad Lighting

It might not seem like a huge deal, but bad lighting could be enough to destroy the ambiance, which might spoil the mood along with it. Fix flickering fluorescents, faulty ballasts and overpowering spotlights to restore the feel of the room and get back on track.

The Mirror recommends using the equivalent of a 40-watt light bulb for optimal effect. It’s dim enough to make most feel secure and comfortable with any imperfections, as well as bright enough to maintain mood-boosting testosterone levels. Lighting should be soft and comfortable and feel inviting.

A Messy Space

Clothes scattered across the floor, an overflowing trash can or piles of receipts and other random bits on the nightstand do nothing for the mood of the room. They could even get in the way of something fun and spontaneous. Depending on the severity, all that clutter might even turn you or your partner off. Clean up the mess and see what else changes. Remember, this space is a reflection of the inner life of the inhabitants.


Watching television in bed may feel like a great way to wind down, but the practice could be challenging the intimacy of the space. According to one study, just having a television in your home, let alone in your bedroom, means your likelihood of having had sex in the past week is reduced by 6%. The TV can be a real distraction — and that can be a bad thing when it becomes a distraction from the primary partner. Consider ditching the box or at least relegating it to another room.

Poor Temperature Control

A bedroom that’s too hot or too cold can be miserable to sleep in and just as terrible for intimacy. Temporarily raise the thermostat before shivering sets in, despite cuddling under the covers. Bring in fans or an air conditioner if hotter temps are making the space feel suffocating. Trying to ignore the discomfort will only cause distracting thoughts, affecting performance and enjoyment.

The bedroom's atmosphere doesn't necessarily can make or break an intimate connection, but it can boost or drag one down. So take care of any clutter and start setting the mood. Resolve any issues with bedding or ambiance, and see to it that the stage is set for a great connection. Make te bedroom as inviting as possible to keep an already fantastic love life on the right course.

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11/21/2019 8:00:00 AM
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Sorry, but who has fluorescent lights in their bedroom ?

We have 3 watt LED lights built into our side cabinets and on the wall we have a multi-colored 10 watt LED up & down lighter that has excellent colored subdued lighting. For cleaning and changing bed linen I fitted 2 x 100W LED bulbs in the fan/light fitting. As for intimacy, at our age we're not jumping each others bones and in any respect, we have a 4 legged woofer who shares the bed with us.
Posted by Mike
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