10 Most Stressed Out States in America

Stress is par for the course for most Americans. Nearly everyone feels the weight of its tug, but where you live could determine which type of stress is most likely to pull you down. Comparisons in stress caused by work, finances, family, health and safety helped to determine this list. 

According to the report, the most common stressors are low income, poor health, divorce and surrounding crime rates. These 10 states have it the worst...

10. Tennessee is ranked the angriest of all states, with dozens of known hate groups and a high average of hate crimes.

9. Kentucky has the fifth highest number of people living below the poverty line.  Believed to produce some of the best tobacco and whiskey in the country, the Bluegrass State also has the fifth highest population of residents suffering poor health.

8. Alabama suffers a high percentage of people with poor health and low credit. Even worse, parts of it periodically fall into the paths of devastating hurricanes, one of the most notable having been Katrina.

7. Oklahoma has the country’s fifth highest crime rate, and it experiences more tornadoes than any other state in the US.

6. Arkansas reports the fourth highest number of people living below the poverty line, and it has the most residents living in poor health.

5. Nevada, known for its numerous Las Vegas wedding chapels, reports the second highest divorce rate. Silver State residents also tend to suffer credit scores that fall far below the national average.

4. Mississippi has the largest population living below the poverty line and a high number of residents suffering poor health. Also the state birthplace of the blues, Mississippi has the fifth highest divorce rate.

3. West Virginia has some of the poorest reported health, which may be related to the fact that its residents also average some of the fewest hours slept.

2. New Mexico has the second highest population living below the poverty line. The “Land of Enchantment” also suffers the second highest crime rate in the country.

And the number 1 most stressed out state in America is...

1. Louisiana has the third highest number of people living below the poverty line despite its residents working some of the longest hours. The Bayou State also has the third highest divorce rate, the fourth highest crime rate, and the lowest of all average credit scores.

Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, Louisiana and Arkansas also had the fewest psychologists for their populations, despite having some of the highest reported stress levels.

How does your state stack up against the highest stress areas? If you live in any of the above, you might need to double down your efforts, but you can still keep your sanity intact. If all else fails, consider moving to one of the 10 least stressed out states: Nebraska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Colorado, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa, Utah, North Dakota or Minnesota.

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