3 Ways to Stay Safe in Emergency Situations

Hurricane season is upon us, and whether you live in an at-risk area or not, it is important to always be prepared in an increasingly unpredictable climate. One of the biggest issues first responders run into during disasters is that people fail to plan. This can turn minor problems into major and potentially life threatening ones. Here are 3 things to have ready to keep your family safe.

The Essentials

Countless Americans live in areas prone to blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, severe storms and power outages. However, not all of them are prepared in case of disaster. Every household should have enough non-perishable food, water, and medications to get through 48-72 hours in case of emergency. Without these, an emergency situation can quickly become unmanageable.

Living Without Electricity

We rely on electricity and computers for so much. They are so convenient that we don’t consider life without them. This can lead to huge problems in a disaster scenario. Whether it’s heat, air conditioning, food, communication or more, it is important to have external sources of electricity; think of surviving without your phone or laptop for a few days. Extra batteries, fully charged portable battery packs that have USB ports, old fashioned battery operated transistor radios and solar chargers are all good things to have on hand. Having a generator will also give you plenty of peace of mind; maybe consider a solar powered one.

Know Where You’re Safe

Every disaster, every house and every neighborhood is different. Know the safest parts of your house to retreat to in different scenarios. In some cases you may need to leave your house entirely. Have emergency contacts ready. Families should plan ahead for communication in case of emergency, where they would meet if separated, and who they can rely on. Be extra diligent about discussing your plan with your kids. They go through these kinds of drills at school so you needn't be too concerned about worrying them. Think of the great life lesson they get from always knowing mom and dad were prepared; hopefully they carry on that "tradition."

Many people who do plan for emergencies put the items mentioned here in one large plastic container and keep it in their garage or basement, so they never have to go around looking for them; they always know where their emergency supplies are. If you plan for an emergency you are so much more likely to be able to "weather" the storm than those who don't. And as you can see from the above mentioned strategies, it's not hard to plan. Most people take hours upon hours to plan a vacation but they won't even take an hour or two to gather up some emergency supplies. Make the time just once and then you're all set.

10/3/2017 7:00:00 AM
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