5 Foreplay Secrets to Spice Things Up

Do you struggle with foreplay in the bedroom? Perhaps you don’t even talk about it. After all, this wasn’t something you learned in sex ed class. It almost seems like it is something we should all just “know.” But, let’s be honest, most of us simply aren't born with mad skills in the bedroom. The truth is that countless men and women struggle with foreplay, often wondering precisely what they should be doing and how. Some people find it difficult to know what to do and when, leaving many without any foreplay at all. Those who don’t know how to do it correctly just skip the step altogether and attempt to get right into the main course. Foreplay doesn’t have to be hard, though. Read these 5 tips and you’ll become a pro in no time.

Wear Something Nice

What you wear can play a role in how your partner feels about the sex that’s to come. Ladies, do you have on a mismatched bra and panties or are you sporting granny underwear? Gents, are you really wearing a pair of tightie whities or boxers from 7 years ago with holes in the leg? Try wearing something nice so it doesn’t take away from the sexual attraction.

Slow It Down

Too many people seem to rush through foreplay, not giving enough time and attention to the rest of the body. Take it slow. Spend at least 20 minutes kissing, touching and caressing before you jump into the main act. A little tenderness goes a long way for both men and women.

Be Gentle

Since you’re taking things slow, be gentle as well. If you’re handling certain parts of the body too roughly it can do much more harm than good, even putting the other person completely out of the mood. Be gentle and go slow unless you’re told otherwise… then you can heat things up.

Make it a Massage

Who doesn’t like a good massage? It relaxes the body and eases tension. With the body loosened up and feeling great, people are more likely to relax and enjoy. You can give a basic massage or make it a full body to really get your partner feeling ready to go.

Ask Your Partner What They Like

If you’re struggling to know what step is next, just ask your partner. He or she can tell you exactly what she likes and what she’d like you to do. It might take a while to get them to open up, so be patient. If you never ask you’ll never know how to make things better.

Taking the time for foreplay is bound to make sex more exciting. Instead of just jumping into bed, you’re spending time getting the other person truly aroused. It will make sex a process from the start and make the foreplay the main course rather than a simple side dish often forgotten.

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