Think Yourself Fit (Or Not)

People sometimes underestimate the power of thought, and how it can affect us and those we’re close to. Mental health can have an influence on your body, just as any physical condition can. Recent research has shown that people who have positive ideas about their exercise methods are actually healthier than those who are more negative.

Basically, this means even if you have a regular exercise routine, you may not be getting the full benefit from it if you feel you aren’t exercising enough. Sounds hard to believe, right? After all, exercise is good for you --- in fact, it’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and currently the majority of Americans don’t get the recommended amount.

Studies on Physical Activity

Researchers recently published a study which included over 60,000 participants. These people all had their physical activity measured, filled out questions about the sort of activity they did, and indicated their ideas about how much activity they got regularly. It was found that most of the participants thought they got less exercise than they actually did, and as a result --- their mortality rate was about 71 percent higher.

What Does This Tell Us?

So why is this the case? Is it because believing your routine is working makes it more effective? Or is it instead the stress that comes along with feeling subpar that has an impact on people’s health? More research may reveal more about how our perceptions affect our wellness --- but it is clear that they do. Until then, it looks like you can get the most out of your exercise by avoiding comparing your routine to others, and instead simply finding what works for you and enjoying it! Keep it positive, because what you think truly matters.

8/7/2017 9:00:00 PM
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