Are You Missing This Essential Nutrient?

Silicon is atomic number 14 on the periodic table. It is a metallic-like substance and is the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen. Are you getting enough of it, though? You should, because it plays an active role in the prevention of atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the arteries), insomnia, cholesterol , dementia and more...

Health Benefits of Silicon

A 12-week study was conducted to look at the potential influence of silicon to lower blood cholesterol concentrations in 19 healthy individuals with a history of moderate hypercholesterolemia. Individuals were administered 250 mg, 3 times daily, during an 8-week observation period. Serum concentrations of cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides levels were measured before study entry, every second week during the period of silicon intake, and 4 weeks after stop of intake.

Total cholesterol decreased from 286 to 248 in the group. LDL and triglycerides also significantly decreased. HDL was increased. Four weeks after intake of silicon was stopped, the positive changes were still seen (1). 

By now you have likely heard that cholesterol is essential to life. It forms our hormones, vitamin D, digestive nutrients, and is a component of every cell membrane. Sometimes though, too much LDL (the particle that carries cholesterol) can increase the risk of heart disease. Silicon is a gentle way to reduce these LDL particles.

There are many reasons for the benefits of silicon, which likely include improved bowel health and the binding of bile salts in the gastrointestinal tract. 

More Evidence

In 1995, the Journal of Hypertension demonstrated blood pressure reduction with silicon in the rat model (2). Schwartz and colleagues found that the more silicon present in water, the less amount of atherosclerosis in humans (3). This is starting to get interesting. 

What can silicon do for your brain? Well, scientists have found silicon reduces Alzheimer’s plaque (4) and high silicon content in drinking water appears to lower dementia risk by 10% (5). 

Silicon has been used for years in the holistic community for gastrointestinal health and its action on microbes including parasites (6). Other authors have found silica useful in the treatment of aged skin, fragile hair, and brittle nails (7). A silicon drink led to significant excretion of aluminum in the urine, a metal associated with dementia (8). A multitude of evidence exists for the prevention of osteoporosis (9).

As a way to boost silicon intake, I recommend a daily heaping teaspoon of food grade silicon in water. Use it first thing in the morning. More silicon can be used for parasite cleanses and detox programs. Another option is the use of zeolite, itself an excellent source of silicon and a way to lower metal burden.

Both products have a chalk-like taste and should be used on their own; don’t ruin your morning smoothie with them.



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