The Most Important Thing You Should Do In The Morning


Have you heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Do you know why?

Wellness Tip: The body is an exquisitely engineered machine - with muscles, nerves, and hormones, all operating within a cycle. You sleep, you eat, you play, you flex your muscles and you rest. After a full night's sleep of, say, seven or eight hours, while your body has been resting and regenerating, you have been fasting. No food or drink has been taken, and your digestion has been at a low ebb. Once you are awake, your entire body, including all life hormones, begins to percolate and react to its environment, including your metabolism and your digestive system. It is therefore imperative that you supply something for those awakening digestive juices to "chew" on; not to mention revving up your metabolism that has been asleep for several hours. A glass of water, some fresh organic eggs, avocado and/or a piece of fruit is a great way to start your day and break that fast.

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12/17/2014 10:00:00 PM
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Drink water. a simple but oft overlooked idea.
Posted by Edgar Humberto Martinez

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