How to Avoid Buying GMO Foods in the Supermarket

Picking food in a supermarket

Wellness Tip: Polls show 90% of American consumers want genetically-engineered foods labeled, but the government, pressured by biotech companies, won't require labeling even though it's mandatory in many other countries. What can consumers do to steer clear of unwanted GMOs?

~Buy Certified Organic, regulated to be 100% GMO-free.

~Search for 'Non-GMO' labels voluntarily added by some producers.

~Avoid “risky" ingredients. Most processed foods contain these GMOs: corn, soy, sugar beets, canola and cottonseed oils. Read package labels.

~Download from the Center for Food Safety. This handy shopper's guide will give you specific information on safe products in your local markets.

~Get the extremely informative True Food Shoppers Guide mobile application for iPhone and Android! Click Here

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9/23/2014 7:00:00 AM
Wellness Editor
Written by Wellness Editor
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In response to Chris' comment, to my knowledge we do not have much research into the health effects of GMOs, which is very intentional and costly. Unless of course m_nsanto themselves would choose to fund long-term controlled studies into the the effects of human consumption of small doses of pesticides over time. Try to think about that a few moments without laughing out loud.

For the wellness of Africa, we should rather export sound principles of agricultural land stewardship and true moral decency, unlike what our "larger western political movements" are purporting. The ancients at times knew better to choose blessings over curses, and for the sake of our children and the harvest we would do well to heed scriptural counsel and choose the former. Respectfully yours,
Posted by Lancas
There is no scientific proof that GMO foods present a danger to human beings. However, there is much scientific evidence (as opposed to anecdotal data and heresay) that proves that literally millions of people in places like Africa have benefited from the abundance of food developed because of GMOs and survived because of them. If well-meaning but uninformed and wealthy individuals in the US and EU (who like to shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes) want to believe in the myth of GMOs, they should be aware that their views could have devastating effects on people in the developing world who don't have the means to contemplate such false beliefs. They need to eat and they need plentiful foods to eat.

By the way, what is the statistical proof that GMOs have such an adverse effect on health. Other than the "precautionary principle" often put forward by those who have no statistical proof.

Posted by Chris Johnson
sadly most of us cant AFFORD to buy organic so we have no choice, really
Posted by Moonshine

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