Tips For Starting & Maintaining a Workout Program

Starting a workout program is a great way to improve your overall health. Unfortunately, making the decision to exercise is only the first step in the process. Finding the best routine and sticking to a schedule requires planning, dedication, and determination. The suggestions listed below will help you develop and maintain a workout program. You can do it!

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Devote Specific Time
If your schedule is already full, developing an exercise routine can be tricky, but it is important to have a specific time that is dedicated to exercise. If scheduling conflicts are constantly interfering with your workout routine, you might start making excuses to avoid the gym. If you feel that those conflicts are inevitable, consider beginning with a simple routine that you can start at home.

Set Goals
Wandering aimlessly through your workout routine can get boring, and it is difficult to maintain a boring program. Setting small goals provides a path for meeting your overall fitness plans. Meeting each goal is also a great way to evaluate the effectiveness of your current routine. All of your goals must be healthy and reasonable. Setting impossible goals can lead to disappointment and unhealthy behaviors. Don’t reach for the moon. Baby steps are fine.

Measure Your Progress
After you set your reasonable goals, you should measure your progress. Bathroom scales and measuring tapes are common tools for tracking fitness achievements, but other options are available. You can also track your daily exercise and eating habits. You may even consider purchasing a fitness tracker. The combination of information will allow you to target the most effective aspects of your regimen. Building up a track record, a body of work over time, can be  a very motivating factor to help you keep on pushing.

Reward Yourself
The early stages of an exercise routine can be painful and unpleasant, so you should try to reward yourself for reaching your goals. Try to select a reward that directly connects to your motivation for working out. If you are trying to lose weight, consider splurging on a new outfit when the scale hits your latest goal. If you are simply trying to become more active, plan a fun day trip or a night out with your friends. You may even have planned “cheat day” where you can allow yourself some indulgences on foods and drinks you may normally try to avoid. It will be guilt free if you’ve done the work to earn it.

Stop the Shaming Process
There is no need to punish yourself if you miss a few days at the gym or indulge in an extra serving of ice cream. Staying motivated is difficult if you start punishing yourself for every little misstep. It happens to EVERYONE! It’s what you do the next day that counts. Stop shaming and start taking pride in your accomplishments.

Everyone is different, so it will take some time for you to develop and maintain a workout program that works for you. The tips that are listed above can help you successfully adhere to your routine.

Review the sources below and get started!

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