Emotions, Attitude & How Aging Is Affected

Don't worry. Be happy. It's a sentiment you hear all the time in songs and on talk shows, but it turns out that Oprah, Dr. Phil and Bobby McFerrin may have really been onto something! Positive attitudes can actually physically affect your health for the better, and negative ones can wreak havoc on everything from your intestines to your chromosomes. Take a look at how emotion is linked to wellness and aging.

The Bad

Chronic stress is no one's friend, but did you know it can actually alter the chemical makeup of your body?

Not only does it upset the balance of neurons and axons in the brain, predisposing you to mood disorders, anxiety problems and emotional outbursts, but research suggests that it can even shorten your telomerase, the "end caps" of your chromosomes. Scientists believe that telomerase are responsible for keeping the body healthy and youthful, so shortening your telomerase is something you want to avoid.

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3/9/2015 7:00:00 AM
Rob Greenstein
Written by Rob Greenstein
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It's "wreak havoc."
Posted by Liz
I'm realizing this the hard way... I'm really going to work on this so my health stays in check!... Thank you Rob!... May everyone stay happy and healthy!
Posted by Lynn
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