Eat less food - more often

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Posted by John Valenty
Well, some other so called experts I heard from contradict this position saying its better to gorge, digest and fast a bit so you body has time to build/repair and not digest food all day.
Posted by patrickkallie
It can be hard controlling eating habits, especially if you are used to eating plenty of unhealthy food. You just have to start out with a gradual change to your diet. If you eat 4 to 5 small meals daily you will be able the supercharge your metabolism. \n\nIf you eat this way you will begin to feel so much better. A good thing about eating healthy over a period of time is that all the junk food you liked so much before, you will not have a taste for.
Posted by CET
I'm a total space case. I usually get so caught up in work, and projects that I just flat out forget to eat. When I do, I end up pigging out.
Posted by Luna
I understand that less food more often is the key to increasing your metabolism. I hope it works.