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Posted by Carol Stone
Reduce my medication not vitamins
Posted by shellyc77
-Ubiquinol: Anti-Aging/Dr. Oz: Despite the aging process, every cell in the body is in the business of producing energy to keep you vital and healthy. The energy each cell produces is in the form of a molecule called ATP, which is made in the energy powerhouse of the cell known as the mitochondria. Ubiquinol has been shown to promote ATP production in the mitochondrial inner membrane\n\n\n-Fish Oil ONLY with 500mg of EACH: EPA & IPA; for mood & winter depression
Posted by BodyLanguage
I work with Dr, Michael Seidman who created Body Language Vitamins. Dr. Seidman has dedicated his career to enhancing the lives of everyone by creating supplements.\n\nAnti-Aging/Energy, Antioxidant Formula and Multivitamin formulas are available for your specific needs. Learn more about Dr. Seidman and Body Language Vitamins.
Posted by Janet
My husband recently went to the doctor for his annual check-up. Included in the usual lab tests, she added a Vitamin D level. When David told me, I gave a first pass snotty response like, "maybe we could just stand outside for an extra 15 minutes." As it turned out, his level was low! She told us to get Vitamin D as D3 and take 2000 units a or two tiny pills or capsules (any grocery store).\n\nAnyway, I checked it out on the internet and sure enough, low Vitamin D levels abound...even in sunny San Diego. Reasons: We don't get outside as much as we used to and when we do, we're pretty protected with sunscreen. It's the ultraviolet light (that we avoid) that converts to Vitamin D!\n\nSo why have we both started taking D3? It helps the absorption of calcium from the food we eat, it may prevent type 1 and 2 diabetes, improves brain function, and contributes to a healthy heart. Reasons enough. Also my sister Barbara told me I was an idiot if I didn't do something so simple and beneficial. To your health!
Posted by Azure6
I have always taken vitamins and supplements on a pretty regular basis. I now use the Melaleuca products and love them.\n\n
Posted by GreenThinking
I've remembered to take my Vitamins everynight after dinner for nearly three years! I always carry some with me so no matter where or when I'm eating my dinner I can take one after.
Posted by Janet
I seem to be having lots more success taking minerals everyday than my vitamins. Hey, it's a start.