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Posted by Antonio C. Fernando, DC
Food for thought: You can have 80% Liver Failure before you know you have liver failure. \n\nFood for thought: If you unplug the "Check Engine Light" on your car dashboard, does it mean your car's engine is ok?\n\nFood for thought: The first symptom of a heart attack is...a heart attack.\n\nTrue Wellness is prophylatic in nature. It's anticipatory. It is not Crisis Management. \n\nThe true nature of Medical Care is "Crisis Management". Once the "crisis" is over, Wellness Care must take over.\n\nMost people live their lives in a Crisis Management Mode. Once they are "saved" from their crisis event (think heart failure), they are left on their own to "clean up the mess" that Crisis Management (Medical Care) left behind (think effects of a tornado on your house. Then think if you have no home insurance).\n\nFood for though: Every cell in every organ of your body is forever changed by the effects of "crisis management".\n\nFood for thought: Everyone needs a Wellness Coach!