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Posted by Rachel Lynn
Have started growing our own produce as much as is possible in our small subdivision lot. What we can't grow we purchase at the local farmer's markets. Scored some purple and pink carrots just today. Along with organic honey and several other vegetables. What a blessing to have this opportunity.
Posted by walknred
creat a food buying club with your friends and family , ist easy and makes it afforable for every one . if you eat good you feel good and decrease health care cost
Posted by Steve C.
Mainly produce and dairy at the moment. Cutting down on the meat lately, but shoot to go organic whenever possible.
Posted by John Valenty
Just got quite an education of coffee from an importer and roaster of organic coffee. I had no idea there were so many differences between the quality of different coffee beans and I found that I really do like the organic ones better. A lot better.
Posted by John Valenty
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