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Posted by gLou Stevens
With the lock down coming to a close many people are seeking ways to 'get out of debt" by working from home. I'm looking for individuals who are interested in generating a second income by joining my group of entrepreneurs who are educating people about the difference between "health and unhealthy drinking water". And yes, there is a difference. This is a network marketing opportunity not an MLM. You have the option of selling product or recruiting members. It's strictly up to you. You'll also have the opportunity to become a Certified Hydration Specialist. You'll learn everything that the Pool Guy knows about "health and unhealthy water", what pH really means, how healthy is the water you're currently drinking, etc... If you're interested send your email reply to
Posted by CoachLain
I think one of the most important tools in getting out of debt is to have a different mindset. Realizing that you need to know what you want before you start collecting items and running amok; is step 1. Step 2 is prioritizing what's important to you and aligning with your goal so your life is is balance. This is how I am getting to know myself better which is helping with debt. Assessing your approach weekly will help to keep you on the track to getting your finances in order. It really is that easy.
Posted by Lisa M.
I've got a couple more credit cards to pay off and I will be set.
Posted by DBodyMagicMan
A few years ago I read this quote that has help me in my pursuit to financial wellness. "A big part of getting out of debt is realizing that when you are in a hole, you have to stop digging! This is one of the great truths of achieving financial freedom; you can't become debt free if you keep pilling on Debt". I hope you will find it useful too.
Posted by Carol A
This is something I am also working on. I am working with my mortgage company on the New Obama Loan Modification Program. I sure hope they get their *@!# together before I lose my mind completely. I am also lowering the standard of living that I had worked so hard to get to and was accustomed to in the past. I am also selling my business clothing and used auto parts on Craig's List.
Posted by Tracer
Fiscal responsibility I believe is the number one problem in the United States today. Our government is the light that shines the spotlight on this problem to its full affect and extent. The criminal spending and the illegal acquisition of private companies calls into question whether we still a democratic society. The constitution has been delegate to the role of a "Good Document", and has been ignored with prejudice in the fast moving push to pass legislation that is horrifying to all educated persons who believe in Democracy. "It can't happen here", has come to pass and a socialist government is in power.\n Over the last seven years it has been a priority to eliminate all personal debt. This has meant making some sacrifices. The reason for the mention of debt and the sacrifices required to address the issue is, to emphasize that the government should also be willing to make the necessary sacrifices, in order to rescue our economy. The Fair-way is at the State Fair - it does not apply to life. It was not fair that I got sick and had hospital bills. That was life. It was then my responsibility to pay my debts. I intend to stay the course until all debts are paid in full - because it is the right thing to do. This is what I believe it means to be fair - to be responsible. \n
Posted by natashaleak27
i am only 28 years old and i have done a lot in this short period. my goals have always been different from others my age. i have big dreams, but my problem is learning how to go about succeeding in the right way in order to get it done and that means that i have to get out of debt. can someone help me? i want to improve our community by helping wise.
Posted by Shannon
I took Dave Ramsey's FPU course, it was amazing! now if i could only put it into affect for me!!!
Posted by LaTannya
I have had a lot of problems with disciplining myself with sticking to a plan. I have develop my own plan using several debt-free classes that I have attended. I have created something that I feel comfortable with. I learned that paying SOMETHING toward your debts is better than ignoring it and creating plans that are never implemented. I've learned that if you communicated with your creditors, you actually sometimes talk them into YOUR payment plan, because they want the debt paid by any means necessary.
Posted by kimmy43566
I just started going thru CCCS. I will hopefully be out of CC debt in 4 years. I know anything can happen between now and then, but I have to start somewhere!