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Posted by Love matters
finding happiness in the will of God in my life... or for yourself in your own life\n\nAll XYZ Anonymous recovery groups attest that reliance on a 'higher power' is essential to success. This is as true for\n\nunhappiness recovery\n\n\nRecall today's date. What year is it. 2011 now. Two thousand eleven years ago from WHICH EVENT in history?\n\nthe birth of Christ Jesus\n\nthat must be significant to have our calendars revolve around it!\n\nOur nation, this united states of America, was founded Under God\n\nwe as a nation rely on God for our success and freedom for it is from God that freedom is sourced.. as the foundation for the pursuit of happiness\n\nContratheists would have the super majority silence their expression of love for the creator to appease their minority. Our constitution is freedom OF religion and not freedom from religion.\n\nOnly you can choose for yourself. This is the dignity God shares of himself with us.\n\nChoose happiness with God, through his Son, Jesus, around whom our concept of worldly time, freedom, and justice revolve\n\nBegin with a request of Jesus:\n\nI want you in my life, Jesus\n\nCall upon him by name in prayerful confidence to begin your journey towards eternal happiness\n
Posted by Doug
Within each of our perceptions, we only perceive our own mode of being. We cannot feel anything that is outside of ourselves. We are only conscious of our own feelings. However, deep within the depths of our being is a radiant core, a source of boundless love that is capable of transcending loneliness and any misunderstanding of others. Within each of us is a generous impulse to love all life for we are love itself.
Posted by Doug
We are love and in love and in order for love to flourish, we must first have inner peace. To search for inner peace does not mean to have an unrealistic exclusion of all outside reality, nor an ineffective negative closing of the senses upon the world, but to search within the embrace and openness of love which in turn creates inner peace. For it is only within the embrace and openness of love with other human beings, the full bloom of inner peace can unfold.\n\nWhat can be found with this simple approach is a continuous improvement in psychological health, plus another benefit. The benefit of experiencing an inner presence which transcends any hypocrisy, petty sensuality, skepticism or material obsessions that may have previously blocked any conscious union or understanding of something greater than our own individual needs or desires.\n\nNone of this happens all at once. First, one must surrender to the possibility of an inner transformation. Not a radical transformation but a subtle transformation that allows the sensitivities of an individual to seek clarity with as much intellectual freedom as possible, which in turn allows one to see the world with less distortion and more truth. This perspective can liberate an individual from involvement in a world that may have only previously appeared pointless or confusing. It allows one to join in thought with many others by seeing and feeling an integrated and comprehensive inner peace filled with the illumination and harmony of cooperative love.