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Posted by mijolla
When it comes down to personal and financial goals, one has to believe in certain essential values. It must be consider the reason and intention of every step is used to get there. Furthermore, the people who are involved to help get to this new stage in life. Therefore, it requires character to get there but, LOVE to keep and going.
Posted by Carol A
This I have done. Anyone want to help get it done?
Posted by mmassageladi973
I have an a million dollar idea well I'm a massage Therapist im plus sized also I love make hair dressing up I want to open a pre event spa.... if not that then just a regular spa anything to be susscussful. If u would like to hear more message me . bye im only 19 and with god by myside hopfully i can get somewere in this world
Posted by SW Florida Health
I am currently 18 years old, \nand the perfect oppertunity \nhas enabled me to pay my \nfull college tuition, live on my \nown, drive a mercedes benz\nand yet I am only working 10 hours \nat the most per week! I am proud \nto say that I LOVE my job and \nI would love to share this same\noppertunity with each and every\none of you! It is possible to think \nof a million dollar idea, even at \n18 years old! keep believing! :)