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Posted by The Plumbing and Electrical Doctor
peace of mind is really what we want for the wellness of our family career and lifestyle
Posted by Nancy Leigh
Can I wake up each day and look myself in the mirror? I judge what I do and the choices I make in life that way --- by asking that very question. Peace of mind, at least to me, doesn't mean never getting stressed out or never questioning myself... in fact, I think those things are actually paramount to attaining it. If I don't know what to do, or I make the wrong decision, I know at least I will learn from it and if I came from a place of good, it isn't ever truly wrong. I can have peace of mind and serenity knowing that I do my best. That in turn, makes me happier. What makes me happier keeps me healthier. It is all tied together.
Posted by Robert Kienitz
Two ways to develop emotional moderation are through meditation and Qigong practices. Stability of emotion has as its base the stability of mind. The concept is a simple one, the firmer the root the stronger the tree. Nothing ensures a firm mental root like consistent practice of meditation techniques. The more the mind is called upon to behave in a disciplined manner, even for ten minutes a day, the better behaved that mind becomes.
Posted by John Valenty
I once hired a very expensive business consultant to advise me on several important matters. He always asked me important questions and put me on the spot. I recall asking him what the most important thing was to him in his life. His answer: Peace of mind. I think of that often before I make decisions to ask myself it is likely to lead to more or less peace of mind.
Posted by Madison Thompson
Peace of mind wont get here for me unless I'm happy about myself, and I feel as if everything is good, and it isn't yet. I'm trying, though...
Posted by Jawad Francis MD
Posted by musclewhisperer
By achieving Peace of mind, I will have become the best version of myself. Attaining the freedom to allow for healing to begin in you through massage therapy. Also to strive to attain wellness in all aspects of mind, body and spirit.\nI am the Muscle Whisperer.
Posted by Veda
The only way that I can maintain this is by turning everything over to God through prayer daily. It take practice to achieve this all through the day. When I become irritated i stop and say the serenity prayer to myself. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change(other people)the courage to change what I can(myself) and the wisdom to know the difference.
Posted by Pillzzee
Curious is this more just people already at peace sharing their reasons for being at peace or can I discuss my problems:|
Posted by Honeyryder
Haven't had a panic attack in over 2 weeks...which means it is probably about time for me to start having them again.\n\nIf I can achieve a clean home, body, and mind...I believe Peace of Mind will follow.\n\nIt's just going to take a lot of Klonopin and Mr. Clean to get there...