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Posted by Elizabeth Mng
If I could get rid of this anxiety, I would enjoy spending more time with my nieces, nephew and family.
Posted by Rachel Lynn
Had allowed my daughter and grandchildren to drift away because of her husband and their father. Have made an effort to accept him for who he is and dedicated one day a week to spending the day with my grandchildren and having lunch with my daughter, even though I have to drive two hours round trip to accomplish this goal. It's so worth it.
Posted by Tom Marchant
Kids do not stay young for very long. They grow up really fast. You then realize how time flies fast when you're not looking and they are now teenagers/adults and starting their own life.\n\nWe should then cherish every second while our kids are still young and just contented being kids. The times where they will still ask you "Dad, can you help me do this?" The times where their world still depends on you.\n\nDeciding to run and manage my own home based massage and body spa helps me spend more time and be near not only to my kids but to my wife as well. Letting them know they are my priority and that I'm always there for them.\n\nIt is a process and a journey at the same time.
Posted by Azure6
The older we get, the more we appreciate our families, especially if we had good families but in each case, as we mature, we recognize what a blessing a wonderful family is.
Posted by MomsHelpingMoms
It isn't easy to juggle 2 kids and a home business, but I am starting to see that what I may consider to be obstacles are truly just compounded blessings. I need to be more dilligent about setting business hours and sticking to them. It is too easy to get sucked into being on the computer (eh'hem).
Posted by John Valenty
I've had some of the best times one-on-one with my children lately. While it is convenient to take them all out at once, it doesn't seem to strengthen our relationship like one-on-one time. The kids act completely different when they are not battling for attention or distracting each other with kids stuff. When we're one-on-one, they want to talk about all kinds of things that they'd never do in front of their siblings. While I've been fortunate to have some time with them individually, it isn't enough. I need to schedule an actual recurring date with each of them to ensure it happens. I will do this! Perhaps it should be a separate pursuit.
Posted by GCC
Every Sunday I have been resolved to take the kids out for a half-day activity and breakfast.