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Posted by Alesha
This will never stop. If we can volunteer and learn new things to help others, we continually make a bigger contribution to the world.
Posted by nlaurent
My contribution towards this goal is to teach a Conflict Resolution class a my church for free. I think it's a poo-poo'd skill that really has some far reaching implications for peopl when implemented in our homes, schools and our workplaces. So that will be what I will contribute today and for two more weeks. Because it is a 12-session glass, I'm oing to offer three class every semester until it is completed. \n\nI'll keep everyone posted as to how it goes. Tonight, we start with the concept of win-win solutions!
Posted by SheilaG
The idea that one of us can actually "change the world" is daunting. The phrase alone is enough to frighten many of us away from making any attempt to do so. I wish that the mainstream media would promote the idea that virtually anything we do to improve anyone's life qualifies as making a contribution to the world.
Posted by Azure6
Not sure how this will happen but I am working on it.
Posted by GreenBroad
The Duffy House was created and founded by Christine Eads (my best friend), mother, sister, daughter, on-air radio talk show host and sexual assault survivor. She considers herself very fortunate to have had a safe and comforting place to go like The Duffy House. Now she is providing that same environment to women and children in need. She had the love and support of her family and friends to get her thru the difficult times but quickly learned in group therapy others were not as fortunate. Several of the survivors in her meeting were either returning to the scene of the crime or the violent house in which they lived simply because they had no where else to go. For 13 years The Duffy House has been Christine's vision and now it is a reality.\n\nIf you would love to help with this cause please email me or visit:\n\n
Posted by JBwws
I am currently involved in music and film to benefit the life's of others who are ill or in need.I have done work for the homeless and transplant awareness and tissue donation,Cancer benefits and my recent project is for a 6 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy.I want to use film to reach the World to promote music and film for good cause.
Posted by Steve C.
Joined Amnesty International and the Sierra Club. Time is focused on work at the moment, so donations are the chosen avenue at the moment. Would like to volunteer in the future.