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Posted by Sharon LANDIS
Want to fly to Hawaii and enjoy the Islands for a couple of weeks with my husband and daughter
Posted by Gloria
would love to get my husband out on a vacation. Due to his disability he isn't much interested in taking vacations if it means flying. May be interested in a short road trip
Posted by GoffGG
We have it planned. Taking the kids and wife to Orlando for Spring Break.
Posted by LaTannya
My family and I are going to take the kids to an amusement park in August. It's going to 3 different parents and 4 kids. We will split the cost for everything. We found an affordable, realistic way to get away that includes the whole family.
Posted by Scott
....involves a tricked-out Winnebago, 6 of my closest friends, and a cross-country trip in the US. I would take pictures, talk to people and create both a DVD and book about the experience.
Posted by Tamara A. Rosario, MS LMHC
Very important to do as much as possible in life!
Posted by gibbylala
I have lived in Texas all of my life and have never had the opportunity to travel anywhere-not even in the USA. The places I would like to visit are St. Lucia in the Carribean, Greece, Spain and Puerto Rico.
Posted by LaTannya
I am not going to just going to take a few days off anymore. I am actually going to plan to go somewhere that I have always wanted to go. I'm going to go sit down with a travel agent and make concrete plans to go somewhere I can enjoy myself (just my daughter and I).
Posted by Steve C.
Took a year off about ten years ago and hit about 17 countries. Great experience.
Posted by Amy
I'm finally taking a long needed vacation. I haven't seen my parents in a while so I'm going to visit them next month in Boston. They have a nice home where I can relax and catch up on things. I think it will be real nice to just take some time for myself to relax. Maybe I'll look at some of my old childhood pictures. My parents have tons of those all over the house!
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