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Posted by Mossereath
I just gave myself a 30 day challenge of journaling. Journaling is one of those things I always say "I should do it" but I never did. So for the next 30 days I will write at least a page every evening and first thing in the morning I will write all of my dreams that I remember. Wish me luck.
Posted by Veda
Journaling is something that I definitely need to do more of. I love to write so I don't know why I slack on this. It definitely can help to see and put things in perspective. It's a valuable tool in recovery from whatever. Try it angry and then you can honestly look at the situation and determine where you are contributing to the problem yourself. Do it sad and it can cleanse you. Meditate on what you wrote and it can give you answers. God speed!
Posted by luvinlife71
I do have a Journal or should I say,several journals. I deal w/ anxiety disorder,between GOD,the doctor, & family,we keep it under pretty good control. It helps me to write in my journals b/c,it relieves my mind & also,it helps to be able to look back & see how far you have come in your accomplishments or to see how things have changed in your life,"Hopefully for the better".....Hope this was a help,May God Bless...PGW
Posted by Azure6
I am so happy to have found wellness,com, because it is a stimulus to self-improvement, just as adding these thoughts inspires me to dig into my thoughts and realize my goals.
Posted by John Valenty
It might as well be here. Go ahead, read it if you want. They are just my thoughts and ideas. Just the ramblings of another Father, Brother, Husband, Employer, Entrepreneur trying to get through life and make a difference. Maybe something will be useful to you. Be well.
Posted by ewilson
I really want to write in my journal, but when I get home from work I'm so tired and there's little time in the morning. Weekends are okay, but I'm usually out and about or relaxing. I'll do it soon though.