All I ever needed to know about health, I learned from being pregnant.

I've always taken decent care of myself but it wasn't until I became pregnant that I learned what it truly was to be healthy. All of my behaviors revolved around what was best to grow my baby. I chose foods that would fuel me, I drank more water and I stopped drinking caffeine and alcohol. I exercised but in moderation every day. Not too much, not too little. I meditated more and took time to breathe. In my entire life, I have never felt better than when pregnant. I had kind of an "ah ha" moment where I realized that this is how we are all supposed to care for our bodies, all of the time. Even after my first child was born, I continued on that path, especially because I was breastfeeding. I wanted to make sure that I was creating the best quality nourishment for my baby. Whether you are a man or woman, parent or not, I hope that all of you one day try to treat your body as if you were growing the most precious being. I think you will find that you really are - it just happens to be you.

11/8/2007 8:00:00 AM
Lisa Druxman
Written by Lisa Druxman
I am the founder of FIT4MOM, the country’s largest fitness program for moms. We offer stroller-based workouts that are fitness for mom and fun for baby. I am a mom first and foremost and love to blend my passion for fitness with motherhood. I am the author of Lean Mommy, a book which I hope inspires moms to be healthy ro...
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I actually did not know I was pregnant with either of my children. And I definitely didn't know when I conceived. Well, I did with my 2nd because we had to do IVF.
Posted by Lisa Druxman
Hey there! I have a few pregnancy questions: Did you know that you were pregnant? Could you feel it? Did you know when you conceived? Women tend to have different answers here, but I am so curious because you seem like someone who is very much in tune with her body. Thanks!
Posted by Jennifer Kries
Yes, isn't it funny that we eat and live the way we should normally when there's a baby inside us but we're not willing to give ourselves the same care?
Posted by ewilson
I am amazed at women who feel great during their pregnancy. It was the only time where I felt like I was the least in control of anything. But you are right, I felt like that my body was telling what I should be doing. My body was in control of me telling me what to eat. If I tried to eat what it didn't want, I would throw up.
Posted by Charlotte
I find it a pattern for me that I am more willing to make sacrifices and changes for others before I will for myself. Maybe Bryan has a point. Maybe men should find a way to get pregnant! :)
Posted by Bassman
Thanks Lisa. I started to feel like I was pregnant again recently which is why I am at the gym almost every day again. I'm drinking a lot of water but I'm gonna have trouble with the caffeine and alcohol though.
Posted by Mary
That's a great point! Truly an "ah ha" moment. Come to think of it, my wife and I were both very involved in achieving optimum health for her during and after her pregnancy, for the same reasons that you mention. And she has done a great job at continuing that effort now that our son is 7 months old. Now I have to convince myself I'm pregnant so that I exercise more!
Posted by Bryan

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