Living with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder that affects millions. Psoriasis may cause plaques, flaking, itching, skin shedding and general discomfort. It might affect only a small area, or involve nearly the entire skin surface.

Coping With the Physical Effects of Psoriasis

Among the biggest challenges of living with psoriasis is keeping the condition under control and reducing flares. There are a lot of triggers that can cause psoriasis to flare up, and a flare can be uncomfortable and last for days or weeks. Common flare triggers include stress, skin injuries, medications, infections, and weather changes. 

To reduce flares, managing stress is where most advise we start since things like weather aren't really under our control. Emotional stressors aren’t the only sources, tough and avoiding physical stressors might be important, too. For instance, anyone who has psoriasis should use sunscreen and avoid tight clothing like belts that can rub or press on specific areas of the body. It’s also important to keep skin moisturized and avoid scratching rashes or insect bites. (Using insect repellant may help avoid bites in the first place.) 

It's not just the physical issues that come with psoriasis that can sometimes make living with it difficult. Emotional concerns are also part of the condition. Psoriasis sufferers often feel shame or embarrassment the obviously visible patches and physical changes to the skin.

Depression and anxiety are common in people with psoriasis as it frequently causes social stress and anxiety. 

Psoriasis Considerations

A practical consideration for most people with psoriasis is limiting the outward appearance of their condition. They often don’t want people to see the way the plaques look, often fearing others will believe them to be carrying something contagious or visibly disabling. And unfortunately we don't live in a culture that's always kind to people struggling with conditions that are visibly disabling nor potentially contagious. (Psoriasis is not at all contagious, despite the fact that it may appear that way.)

Removing scales by soaking them in warm water or oils and exfoliating gently may help. Additionally, rich moisturizers and hypoallergenic concealers might also help with some of the most visible areas. Light-colored clothing often makes psoriasis less obvious, and looser-fitting clothing can reduce the chances of a flare, as well. 

The Social Implications of Psoriasis

Some people with psoriasis may feel stigmatized, but there are also opportunities for social support from those who also have the condition. A study in the Archives of Dermatological Research (2012) found that people who had psoriasis but who also experienced social support had lower instances of depression and anxiety. Family, friends, and support groups all matter for people who live with psoriasis and can help them manage and feel better about their condition.

While there are medications to help improve psoriasis, flares are common for many people. Some medications also don’t provide complete skin clarity. Taking care of our skin, reducing physical and emotional stress, and making sure we have good social support all matter when it comes to improving our chances against psoriasis. Even though living with psoriasis may be challenging, finding non-judgemental support in addition to medical and cosmetic advances might make a higher quality of life possible.

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