Hate Water? Here’s How to Make it Palatable

Getting the recommended eight glasses of water each day isn’t so simple for those who can’t stand the way it tastes. Some even gag when they try. Instead of just choking it down, like a kid forced to eat veggies, there are ways to make staying hydrated a little more enjoyable. Adequate water intake is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Meet that daily water goal by trying these tips for making it more palatable.

1. Drink Iced Tea Instead

Hold on, is giving up water altogether actually an option? Of course not, but tea is made from water and can be incredibly hydrating for that reason. For those opting for tea, it's important to keep caffeine in check. Look for herbal options that are free of caffeine and brew a big batch early in the day.

2. Add Citrus Fruits

The flavor of water can be changed without adding processed sugar to the equation. Citrus fruits change the taste of water completely, making it more palatable to many. To get the full impact of adding fruit, slice it up, add it to a pitcher and place it in the fridge overnight so the water becomes infused with the flavor. Or squeeze in slices and stir to get the most possible flavor as it's part juice.

3. Mix with Berries

Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries all make a great addition to water. Instead of tossing the berries into the water, muddle them in the bottom of the glass first before adding ice and filling with water. Yum!

4. Freshen it Up

Fruity flavors aren’t the only way to add complex flavors to the boring glass of water. Add mint, cucumber or both at the same time for a new twist. Like citrus fruits, these add-ins will offer more flavor if left to sit for several hours or overnight. Or try herbs like fresh basil. Lime, basil mint and cucumber together make an especially refreshing treat.

5. Juice It

Drinking straight juice can introduce a lot of sugar to the diet, but a small splash can go a long way. Add just a little bit of unsweetened cranberry juice, apple juice, pomegranate or acai to water to both sweeten it and add flavor.

6. Experiment with Temperature

Changing the way water is served could make it more palatable. Water over ice could create an unpleasant sensation fr some, but room temperature might be more enjoyable. Still, others might prefer their water ice cold. There are some who actually enjoy sipping plain water heated up or with a dash of honey. But the pint is that temperature can really impact our ability to enjoy the most important beverage of all.

Dehydration comes with many risks, including kidney failure, seizures, swelling in the brain and even death. To keep up with water intake each day, set a personal goal and track it on a phone or a sheet of paper on the fridge. Staying hydrated is an important healthy living task.

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