Want to Help Us All? Plant Trees

With the consequences of climate change becoming more imminent, it’s time to take action. Trees can combat the consequences of climate change by reducing carbon dioxide. A recent study found that mass planting of trees, as much as 2.5 million acres worth, could reduce carbon emissions by two thirds. Here’s how we can save the world.

The Future of Climate Change

Climate change has already changed the planet. Scientists have observed melting of the ice caps and what looks like irreversible changes to the environment. It is believed that global warming is happening at an exponentially faster rate and rising sea levels may soon become devastating along with extinction patterns that have never before been observed and extreme weather. Climate change could result in parts of the world becoming uninhabitable for animals and humans, creating climate refugees.

Sometimes, when we consider the effects of what feels unstoppable, the future seems bleak. This is especially true in light of what we know about climate change and that much of the changes are the result of the choices of the energy sector and agriculture — industries that feel outside our control. As a result, it may be easy to feel that the future of our planet is out of our hands.

How Trees Can Change the Climate

In 2019, a study aimed to estimate the benefits of trees for the planet. Specifically examined how mass planting of trees could affect climate change.

Researchers found that reversing deforestation by restoring forests all over the world could slow down climate change. They estimated that these trees could absorb as much as two-thirds of carbon emissions, buying us time.

Additionally, they were able to determine that this isn’t just a pipe dream. The planet has the ability to support a massive planting of trees, with space for an additional 2.5 million acres of forests. But of course, we'd have to plant them instead of cutting them down.

What You Can Do

Planting trees is something that anyone can participate in. Here are a few ideas for being a part of the global movement:

  • Plant trees in your own backyard. Trees reduce carbon dioxide, and every little bit helps.
  • Join local efforts to plant more trees in your community. Get online and search for initiatives in your area and volunteer your time.
  • Make donations to the National Forest Foundation, which is working towards planting 50 million trees in protected forests.
  • Partner with friends who have more property, volunteering to host tree planting events on their land.
  • Reduce the use of paper products to save trees that are already planted.
  • Choose paper and wood alternatives.

While the current state of the climate can feel hopeless and overwhelming, anyone can play a role in taking care of our planet by reducing their paper consumption and planting trees. We're in this together.

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9/17/2022 4:00:00 AM
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Trees will quite nicely overplant themselves if left alone. Combine that with controlled burns to clear underbrush(lightning is pretty erratic) and the forest will be in peace and harmony.
Posted by George Mueller
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