Finally, Some Hope for Those With Osteoporosis

A new medication to treat osteoporosis has been found to increase bone density and reduce the risk of fracture in vulnerable adults. This finding could vastly improve the quality of life for seniors who are at risk for a disabling fracture. Not only will the drug prevent fractures, but as a result, it will also allow people with osteoporosis to enjoy more activities than they would otherwise be able to.

Studies have shown that a new osteoporosis drug, Evenity, increases bone density in patients who are at risk for bone fractures. This is exciting news because current osteoporosis treatments generally only stop the progression of the disease; they do not reverse it. While more testing and research is necessary, doctors are already looking forward to administering the drug to patients with the most need.

Current Treatments for Osteoporosis

Currently, there are several medications on the market to treat osteoporosis, including Alendronate, Risedronate, Ibandronate and Zoledronic. Hormone therapy has also been found to be helpful in the fight to stop the progression of bone disease. Current treatments work to stop or slow the breakdown of bone that leads to weak and easily fractured bones. Medication can be administered in pill form or by tri-monthly injections, depending on the medication.

How Evenity Differs from Traditional Treatments

Evenity differs from other osteoporosis medications in one key way: it increases bone density. And we think that's pretty exciting. While current treatment options slow the progression of the disease, they do not build new bone. Until now.

A recent study found that some startling numbers as patients had an increase in spinal bone density of 15%, which correlated to a 48% lower risk for vertebral fractures. The drug works by manipulating the body’s natural bone-building process, which is disrupted by osteoporosis. As a result, it both slows down bone resorption and increases bone formation. 

More Testing Is Necessary

Evenity recently gained approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It will be administered via monthly injection to those most at risk for bone fractures. The FDA says that the drug needs more testing and development, however. In addition to creating a pill form of the drug, researchers are going to delve deeper so they can better understand any cardiovascular side effects associated with the medication.  

Evenity offers hope to those who are at risk for bone fracture due to osteoporosis. Not only does the new drug stop the progression of osteoporosis, but it also increases bone density when taken regularly — a game changer for those who could otherwise experience a significant decline in quality of life after a break.

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Is there any info on the effects of long-term use or is it limited use?
Posted by Donna
What are the side effects
Posted by joyce Virtue
there two already on the market that increase bon density both are Para throid decents forteo 1-34 and the second 1-96 both increase density about 15%in a 2 year period . how does this new drug compare to these two drugs?
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