The 10 Healthiest States in America

Let’s face it, as a culture, we Americans aren’t always known for being the healthiest people, but some of that may have to do with location. For instance, people in northern states tend to suffer more from vitamin D deficiencies because of the cold seasons that force them to be inside for long periods of time. Those who live in densely populated urban areas might have more respiratory issues because of the air pollution. Each state has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here is a list, based on data from 2018, of the top 10 healthiest states in America. Common criteria used to determine ranking include percentage of smokers and heavy drinkers, activity levels, violent crime rates, and air quality. Coming in at number 10...

10. New York

Premature deaths and infant mortality rates are low in New York, likely due to good health coverage. It also has a low percentage of smokers, and although the Empire State is known for its hustle and bustle, it has the lowest occupational death rate.

9. Washington

Washington is the most physically active state in the country, with fewer smokers and lower rates of heart disease and other causes of premature death. Washington is also one of the most environmentally friendly states, with ample open space for outdoor activities.

8. Colorado

The second most active state, Colorado, has the lowest prevalence of obesity. Colorado also has low rates of cancer deaths and cardiovascular disease and a low percentage of diabetics.

7. Minnesota

Despite being the home state of SPAM, Minnesota has the lowest rate of cardiovascular disease. It also has one of the most comprehensive state health insurance coverage. Minnesotans suffer relatively few drug deaths, and they also report the least amount of physical and emotional distress.

6. New Hampshire

New Hampshire has the lowest rates of both childhood poverty and infant mortality. The Granite State also boasts low levels of air pollution and has an exceptionally low violent crime rate.

5. Utah

Due in part to its 60% Mormon population, Utah has some of the strictest alcohol and tobacco laws and some of the lowest drinking and smoking rates. Not surprisingly, it also has the lowest prevalence of both cancer and diabetes. Utah also has fewer children living in poverty, a relatively active population and a low obesity rate.

4. Vermont

Vermont has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the country. It also has a lower instance of diabetes, which may coincide with its relatively active population. It has the country’s second lowest violent crime rate, bested only by Maine. Its state capitol, Montpelier, is the only one in the country that doesn’t have a McDonald’s.

3. Connecticut

Only Utah and California have fewer smokers than Connecticut, which also has lower than average rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other causes of premature death.

2. Massachusetts

Massachusetts has a high rate of health insurance coverage, and it has excellent clinical and mental health treatment. The Colony State has a low rate of heart disease and infant mortality, and it also has a relatively small population of smokers.

1. Hawaii

With its beautiful beaches and clean living, Hawaii is currently the healthiest state to live in -- and also one of the most expensive. The Aloha State has the second lowest obesity rate, ranks fourth in its percentage of non-smokers and has some of the best air quality in the nation.

Did your state make the cut? See where your state ranked in the United Health Foundation’s 2018 report (click on the tab entitled Overall in 2018 to see the full list of all 50 states). You can live your best by following the examples set by our healthiest states: exercise, stay proactive about your healthcare, don’t smoke and don’t drink in excess. Do your part to help to make your state one of next year’s 10 healthiest.

~ Here’s to Your Health and Wellness

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Seems like your criteria are really quite political, aiming to target Southern states....Having resided in Michigan, New York, Connecticut and South Carolina, I believe the South is much more mentally healthy, polite and kind...The Faith of the South makes it a blessed place to live with caring, compassionate people across all racial and economic lines ! I would never choose to live in the driven, hyper-competitive, money-motivated states again !
Oregon would have made the cut except for all the pot smokers/
Posted by michael

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