Why Do Super Smart People Like Being Alone?

Geniuses aren’t typically known for their social skills, and few nerds are ever crowned as royalty at the prom. While some among the highly intelligent do manage to make friends, many find themselves spending a large portion of their time alone. The average person might assume pretentiousness and selectness are to blame, but the real reasons are far more down to earth than most people realize.

Anxiety and IQ

One of the biggest obstacles for most highly intelligent people is anxiety. One study surveyed members of Mensa, an international society for people with high IQs. Researchers found a correlation between high intelligence and higher instances of affective disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and ADHD. Another study found that highly intelligent people may experience more anxiety because the areas in the human brain responsible for intelligence and worry may have evolved concurrently.

Because highly intelligent people also tend to be self-critical and ruminate over mistakes, they also tend to turn their anxiety inward. This can lead to social anxiety issues. Other studies suggest higher intelligence often corresponds with poorer social skills.

Intellectual Pursuits

Many highly intelligent people feel the need to spend more time reading, working on projects of personal value, or following other intellectual pursuits. Some become engrossed in activities revolving around their careers. Unfortunately, this allows them less time for social interaction.

Uncommon Interests

Highly intelligent people tend to have interests that might seem boring, or even egotistical, to the typical person. This can sometimes leave others feeling inferior or stupid, and although often unintentional, it can make connecting difficult. In turn, when smart people try to fit in with commonplace events and interests, they can wind up feeling just as awkward. Some will “play dumb” for the sake of fitting in, but end up with an equal sense of isolation over a lack of intellectual connection.

Of course, not all smart people are introverts and not all people who isolate themselves do so because they’re exceptionally intelligent. Our skills, abilities, and personal attributes exist within a broad spectrum, and who we are isn't based on intellectual or social intelligence alone.

7/28/2021 4:00:00 AM
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2 Reasons:
Smart people may have less in common with those living more in a "concensus" reality. They also have highly developed interior worlds and hobbies and can entertain themselves just fine.

Additionally, smart people seek to arrange their lives in a way that is productive, peaceful and suits them and don't seek to have all of that upended by messy people who experience a lot of turmoil by their own bad choices. LOL. Can you blame them?
Posted by KK
Super smart people, know that there are super dumb people, out there, that will do super dumb actions, to a super smart person, doing what they are doing, like me, defending people who are perfect, having their end, to be peace. The super dumb people, fixate on a name, going crazy, when they find a person, who is protecting the names. The super smart person, is protecting themselves.
Posted by artiewfox@sonic.net
Super smart people know that there are super dumb people out there that will do super dumb actions to the super smart person doing what they are doing like me defending people who are perfect having their end to be peace. The super dumb people, fixate on a name, going crazy, when they find a person, who is protecting, the names. The super smart person, is protecting themselves.
Posted by artiewfox@sonic.net
I've tried to be more social, but it's really not me. I prefer not to have to understand others. As a nurse, I worked ICU and ER. I got along better with the machines than the people, usually.
Posted by Phyllis
I find it is annoying that many people are hard to relate to who are not intellectual. I tend to stay basically around people to whom I can communicate with and can have a reality with.
Posted by Joanne
The article is true as far as it goes, but it should go further to avoid shallowness.

Yes, really bright people can be social zeroes, but not all social zeroes are really bright. Thinking of examples in your personal experience should be really easy.

A surprising number of really bright people are/were quite sociable.

Gerald Ford was one, Geo Bush 1 was one, Henry Kissinger is one, JFK was one, FDR was one, TRoosevelt was one, Lincoln was one, both Washington and Adams were, any number of diplomats and Secretaries of State are/were [Kerry, Acheson, Nitze (Under Secy) Christian Herter. The list is quite long.

The problem very bright but also very sociable people have is finding others with anything in common. Coming from very sociable families of great ability and prominence President Bush 1, Kerry, Herter never had to look far. Not everyone in their crowd was very bright but a surprising many were.

Jefferson, Madison, Nixon were not sociable tho' Nixon could fake it. Jefferson and Madison never had to face TV or radio.
Posted by Max Roberts
The benefits of "solitude" are likely
better known to the quiet thinkers.
Google : What Are The Health
Benefits Of Solitude?"
Posted by Robert Walker
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