Fruits and Veggies: 4 Super Easy Tips to Get Your 5 Servings

According to the World Health Organization, we should be eating "a minimum of 400g  of fruit and vegetables per day." Although this, unfortunately, excludes starchy vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes, it is still a great health goal. Since most of us do not weigh our food for every meal, this recommendation can be hard to follow.

All Those Fruits and Veggies Seem Hard to Swallow

As a result, it has been marketed in many ways. Many countries have started "5 a Day" programs, which promote getting 5 fruits and vegetables a day, and then there’s Australia's "Go for 2&5," which calls for 2 fruits and 5 vegetables a day. Meanwhile, other guidelines encourage people to eat 9 vegetables and fruits a day to achieve the "gold standard" of health.

No matter which plan you want to follow, the truth is that you really can't eat too many fruits and vegetables. However, many people find it difficult to choose which ones to try (much less reach the desired amount of servings) and they also find it difficult to measure a serving accurately.

Read on for some easy tips on choosing, measuring, and eating more vegetables and fruits a day.

First, here are a few tips to start:

  1. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables each day. Choosing new colors and types of fruits and vegetables not only adds interest to your meals, but diverse foods also provide an array of nutrients your body needs. Raw spinach on your salad is packed with vitamins and minerals, for example, while raw carrots bring a great source of Vitamin A and other nutrients.
  2. Know what a serving is. If you don't have a scale or a measuring cup handy, measuring the serving sizes of fruits and vegetables can be achieved by cupping your hands together. One serving is about this size.
  3. Get prepared. Set aside time to prepare your fruits and vegetables so you can grab and go. If they don't need to be refrigerated, set fruits out in a bowl to encourage you to choose an apple over a cookie. If you're short on time, keep frozen veggies or pre-cut veggies around to make sure food doesn't go to waste. Cleaned, raw veggies are great for a crunchy snack anytime and taste great.
  4. Start small. Since the goal is to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, focus less on getting 7 or 9 vegetables a day and plan on just adding 1 vegetable and/or fruit to each meal to start. You can grow as you go.

Getting your nutrition the right way is easier than it seems. Don’t let all the numbers and recommendations scare you away for starting on your path to 5 a day!

1/14/2024 5:00:00 AM
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