Can Cooking With This Prevent Brain Cancer?

If you like to use a little olive oil when you cook, you might know that it can have a range of health benefits. It contains antioxidants and is even believed to help protect from stroke and heart disease. It’s no secret that olive oil can function as a healthy part of your diet, but there’s a new reason to keep it near the stove. Did you know that it may also help your body prevent brain cancer?

A New Discovery

For such a dangerous disease like brain cancer, this is an exciting discovery to say the least. A recent study at the University of Edinburgh revealed that oleic acid, a substance found in all types of olive oil, could stop the development of cancer-causing genes in the brain.

A molecule in the brain called miR-7 is known to protect from the growth of tumors. While studying oleic acid’s effect on the molecule, researchers discovered that the oleic acid stopped a cell protein called MSI2 from decreasing miR-7 production. By keeping the amount of the tumor-suppressing molecule high, it looks like oleic acid could help keep the brain safe from cancerous growths.

The Future of Cancer Prevention

The leader of the study, Dr. Gracjan Michlewski, added that, despite the new evidence, we still don’t know if eating with olive oil alone can protect against brain cancer. However, it is a big step toward learning more about cancer prevention and treatment, and it paves the way for more studies to come. In the meantime, there’s no reason to hold the olive oil. Health benefits aside, it can make just about anything tastier!

9/18/2023 4:00:00 AM
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It looks like you're suggesting olive oil be used in cooking. But as I understand it, while olive oil is great in salads etc (and in baked potatoes just before eating!), if it's heated to use as cooking oil a chemical reaction takes place that makes it seriously bad for us humans to consume.
Well, I understand that's true of cold-pressed virgin olive oil, anyhow. But maybe the later pressings - the cheaper oils obtained by chemicals, heat etc - have already had that done to them. In which case perhaps cooking with them doesn't make them any worse ... ?
If I've got any of this wrong, please say so asap!
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