5 Lifestyle Changes to Make Before You Turn 40

By the time you turned 30, people might have told you about all the changes you need to make. You were leaving the 20s behind and moving into completely new territory where your body wasn’t quite so capable of handling long nights and busy days. Now you’re close to 40, and a whole new set of lifestyle changes are coming your way.

Quit Smoking

If you currently smoke, now is the time to stop. Statistics show that people who give up cigarettes before 40 have a 90% lower mortality risk. Even switching to a vaporizer will help you meet your goal. You can start with higher nicotine levels in the beginning and gradually drop down to zero. Then, all you’ll get is the flavor and hand to mouth activity, which you can wean off of as well.

Set a Sleep Schedule

Some people have a strict sleep schedule they follow everyday. If you’re not one of those people, now is the time to set one so you can give your body the amount of rest it needs. Once you get into the habit of a solid sleep pattern, it’s easier to cultivate other healthy habits.

Get More Exercise

It’s ideal to exercise at any age, but you particularly need to start before the 40s arrive. Your body has a harder time burning fat, so you will have to up your game in the gym or with your outside activities. You don’t have to spend a fortune, either. Taking a brisk walk daily can get your heart pumping and you can add some weights for more resistance. Or, get a little more social and start or join a workout group or yoga class. Whatever you choose, make it part of your lifestyle.

Make Healthy Eating Choices

What you put into your body always matters, but it matters even more once you’ve reached higher digits. Your body has a harder time eliminating waste and working to regulate sugars and fats in your system. Making healthy eating choices will keep your bowels moving and make sure you don’t store extra fat where it isn’t needed. Start by getting rid of all the sugary treats in the house, and replace them with fruits and vegetables. Life should be more stable these days, so you might even have time to start trying new healthy recipes.

Save More Money

During your 20s and 30s you probably spent a great deal of money. You had rent to pay, parties to attend, and things you just couldn’t help splurging on when you had the extra cash. Now that you’re pushing 40, it’s time to really think about saving. You don't have as much as time now to add to your savings and retirement accounts. You’ll need a good amount of money in a retirement fund in just another 20 years or so. Save more and spend less so you’ll be prepared when that time comes. If you think 20 years is plenty of time… think about how long the last 20 years just took for you to get here to 40. It goes by quicker than you think, doesn’t it?

By 40, you probably have all the things you really need, so you can start upgrading what you have or get rid of what you don’t need. Just be sure to set aside some cash for retirement and increase what you set aside every time you get an increase in earnings.

Make these 5 lifestyle changes before you turn 40 and you’ll feel some of the stress of your life melting away.

2/12/2023 5:00:00 AM
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