6 Things Women Really Want in a Man

While each woman is going to have some variations in what she is looking for, most have the same main qualities they want in a partner. These qualities are indicative of the possibility of a lifelong partner, otherwise known as husband material. With at least a few of these attributes under his belt, the man you have is well on his way to being exactly what you need.


A guy who can make you laugh is going to keep your interest a lot longer than one who can’t. Most women want someone with a healthy sense of humor, someone who can make almost any situation funny. The class clown type of guy is not what we’re talking about though. The guy should make you laugh, but shouldn’t be obnoxious about it or try too hard to make it happen.


No one likes being lied to. Finding a partner who is truly honest about his wants and needs makes the relationship all the better. You can feel safe knowing you have a man who will tell you the truth no matter what, and who will not lie to get out of trouble.


Just because he’s honest and funny doesn’t mean he’ll be faithful. Women want a guy who can let others know he’s taken, and be committed to the relationship he’s already in. Faithfulness is a very attractive quality for women to see in their partners.


Someone who is reliable is someone you know you can count on. You know he will always show up when he says he's going to, and be there for you whenever needed. Reliability and trustworthiness go hand in hand.


Not all men support their girl’s dreams. Some want to be the breadwinners while their partners stay home. If you’re a woman with a passion you want to pursue, you need to find a man who offers his support. He should support your goals and desires in life and understand that you need to make a life for yourself whether he’s in it or not.


Let’s face it, we aren’t going to stay with someone who we don’t find at least somewhat attractive. When there is no attraction whatsoever, the relationship will never work. You at least have to have a small attraction to a man if you want the relationship to go anywhere. Of course, attractiveness is subjective. While he may look fine to you, he might not be the right type for someone else. It’s just a matter of preference.

If he doesn’t meet these basic qualities, run the other way.

12/30/2022 5:00:00 AM
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Posted by Ben Adams
In the course of a half century, I have discovered only three things needed for a lasting relationship.
First, you must be friends first. Passion is like the tide, coming and going; but friendship is constant.
Second, you must share a sense of humor. You don't have to make each other laugh, but you have to laugh at the same things. (This makes it more likely that you'll cry at the same things, too.)
Third, there must be something integral in each of you that the other admires. Beauty is not integral, but surface. (I have always been impressed with my husband's work ethic. He always gives his all, even when he'd rather not.)
With these three points covered, your relationship can weather any storm!
Posted by Jamalowa
This would all be fine. If you are living in DREAM LAND.
But in the real world.......
Its more like this.
4,5, & 6.
See 1,2,3.
And there you have it the real world..

Posted by Bozo
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