5 Reasons Every Home Needs Orange Essential Oil

While many essential oils are great for many uses around the home, there is none more versatile than orange essential oil.  If you’re seeking a safe and natural solution for your common household needs, look no further! From kitchens to furniture, these five ways to use this essential oil only represent a few of its uses, but are great ways to start using oils for a healthier and happier home.

1. Get stickers off of glass surfaces.

Stickers leave a messy residue behind. First, remove as much of the sticker as possible. Apply enough orange oil to the surface of the sticker and allow it to penetrate the remaining paper and glue. Wash with warm soapy water and watch the sticker disappear.

2. Make delicious treats

Need a little extra flavor? Add a few drops of orange oil to cream cheese frosting for a delightful orange flavor. Add a drop or two to tea, coffee, hot cider, or hot chocolate for an added zip to your morning beverage.

3. Treat that canker sore

Orange oil has natural antiseptic properties. When applied to tender gums or canker sores, it works not only to reduce inflammation but to speed healing. Add a drop to a cotton swab and place it on the sore for 10 seconds. Follow it up with a warm water rinse.

4.  Keep those pesky pests away

Mix 24 drops of orange essential oil with 4 ounces of water in a spray bottle and spray on potted plants and around doors and windows for a natural insect repellent. There’s a bonus use for this mixture! While you're at it, spray the inside of your garbage cans for an added burst of freshness.

5.  Great for polishing your delicate wood

While many furniture polishes claim to have orange or lemon oil, using orange oil in combination with a basic mineral oil is the best non-drying cleaner for wood furniture, especially antiques.  Simply mix 3 ounces of mineral oil with 2 mL of orange essential oil and store in an airtight jar. Then, simply use it with a polishing cloth for a great finish on furniture or mouldings!

8/3/2020 7:00:00 AM
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