5 Ways You Could Be Destroying Your Bone Health

Most people are unaware that a normal body’s bone density peaks at the age of 30, then the body starts to reabsorb calcium away from its bones. Aging, menopause, and a poor diet can exacerbate bone loss. You may be aware of some ways to keep your bones healthy; you might even be taking your calcium and vitamin D. But are you doing other things that actually hurt without knowing it? Here are 5 ways you’re possibly destroying your bone health.

1. Soda Intake:

According to a Tufts University study, it was found that women who drank 3 or more sodas per day, had a lower bone mineral density than women who didn’t drink soda.

2. Medications:

Most antibiotics - especially long-term or through repeated use - cause poor absorption of minerals, such as calcium and vitamin D, which accelerates bone loss. Some antacids can rob you of magnesium.

3. Not Exercising Regularly:

By not exercising regularly you are cheating your bones. The stress and strain exerted on the body during proper exercise can improve bone strength and density.

4. Depletion of Vitamin D & Calcium:

Vitamin D is rarely found in the foods we eat because our bodies make it naturally with sun exposure. Calcium is found in leafy vegetables, fortified orange juice and milk. Both are necessary and can be taken as supplements.

5. Thyroid Disease/Medication:

This is caused by an overactive thyroid or by taking too much thyroid hormone medication if you have an underactive thyroid. Untreated, both can lead to osteoporosis.

Bone health is not something you should think about as you approach retirement; it’s something you should address now. Women are most susceptible to bone loss after the age of 50. Balanced meal plans, added supplements and exercise can benefit your bone health at any age.

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