Insomnia? A Scientifically Proven Solution

Lack of sleep is a major health problem in this country. According to the CDC, almost 70 million people suffer from sleep problems. Sleepiness can lead to depression, obesity and even danger while driving. It's turning into a health emergency, but there's one solution that most people have never even heard about.

If you're one of the millions of people suffering from insomnia, you've probably tried all the usual solutions: warm bath, the same bedtime each night, herbal teas and even sleeping pills. Nothing works for long because of the nature of insomnia and sleep.

Your wakefulness depends on what your brain is doing. Most people who have insomnia experience a feeling that their brain "won't turn off." In fact, this is sort of what's happening when you can't fall asleep. Brains operate at different frequencies throughout the day, depending on what they're doing. If your brain can't switch from a waking frequency to a sleeping one, you'll lay awake for hours.

Brain Frequencies

Depending on how you feel and what you're doing, your brain can be operating at one of many different frequencies. For instance:

  • In the Gamma state, you're stressed, in high problem-solving mode or going through a lot of mental activity like when you study for a test.
  • In the Alpha state, you're awake but relaxed.
  • In the Theta state, you're calmly asleep and probably dreaming.
  • In the Delta state, you're in the deepest sleep and aren't aware of any surroundings. You're sleeping too deep even for dreams.

The key to falling asleep is to get your brain to work in a Theta or Delta state. Some people can do this naturally, but for those who have trouble falling asleep, binaural beats can be a lifesaver.

Binaural Beats

Basically, binaural beats are a series of tones at certain frequencies. They're created in pairs, with each tone different from its partner. Playing the tones together causes the brain to try to mimic the frequency of the tones, easing it into a state that's conducive to sleep. In short, binaural beats are a way to trick your brain into relaxing and letting go of the day.

There are an abundance of binaural beat sites online as well as apps for Android and iPhones that you can explore. It’s certainly worth a try considering the payoff. Use sleeping headphones with soft headbands or attach speakers to the headboard, one on each side of your head. This allows each tone series to enter the correct ear. The sounds will combine in your brain, encouraging it to match the frequency into one that causes you to fall asleep.

Have a great night!

10/20/2021 8:00:00 AM
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