Caffeinated vs. Decaffeinated

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Coffee is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world, with more than 2 ½ billion cups of the brew enjoyed daily. Whether your choice is a plain cup of java made in your own kitchen or a fancy espresso drink from your favorite barista, chances are you depend on a jolt of caffeine to make you feel alert in the morning or boost your energy during an after-lunch slump. Most adults enjoy two or more cups of coffee every day.

An increasing body of research validates a wide range of health benefits coffee provides. There is evidence that regular coffee consumption may lower risk for type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, liver disease and certain types of cancer, as well as improving blood vessel and large artery function, which could protect against heart disease and stroke.

Early assumptions were that caffeine was the beneficial component of coffee, but as more research findings are published, that theory becomes ambiguous. Some studies point directly to caffeine as the beneficial component of coffee, while other findings indicate it is some other ingredient of coffee beans—as yet unidentified—that is the health hero. These results leave many coffee drinkers confused about whether they should drink caffeinated coffee or the decaf variety.

So should you drink decaf or not?

Here are 6 facts you need to know about decaf coffee: Read on...

10/22/2014 7:00:00 AM
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I have fibrocystits disease pretty bad and I have to watch my caffeine intake closely. In menopause stage, as breast cancer and Lumphoma runs in my family which makes me at no energy at all. Obesity runs in my family also and I'm about 30 pds over weight at this time and have never been over weight. I have TOS and have had neck surgery. I feel I'm at a no win situation. I'm only 57. If I could drink coffee then it would give me energy, which is what I need right now! Any input for help?
Posted by Cheryl
I don't think decaf coffee has bad chemicals like it used to. I prefer regular coffee in the morning, but I love my decaf at night. I can't get into teas, I tried!
Posted by JPV
I went from 32 cups of coffee and espresso to Zero overnight , never had headache , or anything like that , gain 5 lbs , drink decaf now . just a matter of will .
Posted by Joel
I think everyone needs to remember that the studies are done on groups of people and overall results are given. Coffee may not be good for everyone and if you experience ill effects from it, don't drink it just because this study says it's ok. I on the other hand will keep drinking my frappe every morning. :-)
Posted by Manana
I don't drink alcohol of any kind, I exercise at least four times a week, eat red meat perhaps twice a year, eat salmon and chicken about four times a month and consume approximately two pounds of almonds a month for protein requirements. An apple a day with either grapes, grapefruit, and a bowl of frozen berry mix (Sams Club), every night depending on my mood and body preference. Salads and broccoli with olive oil and occasionally, perhaps three times a month, I will have a slice of wheat bread. I am female, 5'2", 112 pounds and am 56 years young! I am in great health and can not tell you when was the last time I had a cold. Is my weight, health and youthful feeling attributed to the 4 to 5 cups of caffeinated coffee I drink daily?
Posted by SkyeDavis
"Most adults enjoy two or more cups of coffee every day."

Not if only 2.5 billion cups are brewed. There are over 3.5 billion adults.
Posted by Charles Barnard
I love the cutting edge of health we are exploring -- technology, intuition, insight, perseverance and innovation. Boiled coffee. The Greeks always have a better idea, well in most things. Thanks for this update...
Posted by Devo
Great article, never knew that there are actually benefits from coffee. If I drink 2 cups my heart hurts right away. I think they should make more studies on it.
Posted by Annabele

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